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New Years Resolution – Tech Edition
January 2, 2023

New Years Resolution – Tech Edition

Happy New Year 2023! Even though we’re a few weeks into the new year, it’s never late to start your New Year’s Resolution and set a few goals for the rest of the year. If you are looking to change your life but do not know where to start, this blog might bring you an insight or two.

Here are three tech-related New Year’s Resolution directions handpicked by the team from Sierra.


1. Start With Proactive Healthcare

Traditionally, people would not pay a special visit to their doctor for a checkup unless their annual exam is due, or somethings went noticeably wrong. There is nothing wrong with this method, yet with new technology emerges, there are actually new ways for people to stay on top of their healthcare.

The arrival of wearable tech for a start. Smartwatches such as apple watch allow users to monitor their heart rate, exercise, sleep patterns, blood oxygen and more with barely any effort needed. People can monitor their body status and receive alerts if anything changes even before any symptom has appeared.

Besides the metric that will be automatically recorded, other metrics such as calorie intake, caffeine consumption or liquid record can also be recorded with smart wearable tech. There are also many apps available that will make this recording trend easier than ever, allowing the habit building process easy to stick with. An extensive list of technology tools can make your road to wellness easy, but only you have the power to flick the motivational switch on. If health is something you care about, this is the time to start!


2. Simplify Your Life

There’s no doubt that streaming services has brought us much of a joy way more than a decade ago. But if you sit down and contemplate, do you really need all of the Amazon Prime, Hulu, Disney+, Netflix, Apple TV, Spotify, and cable subscriptions altogether in your life? And could that thousand-dollar smartphone in your pocket be used for more than scrolling down social media news feeds?

Most New Year’s resolutions come from a realization of needed change. Deep down, we know we need to break a habit or accomplish a long-time personal goal, just never had the will or time for it.

At this time of year, maybe it is the perfect time to simplify our lives by reducing subscriptions rather than adding more and put our smart devices into better use.

With a slight change in mindset, technology can help you simplify your life and put a few changes in place to break free from algorithms and focus on your mental health and wellbeing.


3. Upgrade Your Infrastructure

Over the holidays, many probably have added a few additional devices into their home network, whether it is your new digital assistant, a set of smart security system, or brand-new intelligent lightbulbs. But they rarely spend their time or money thinking about updating or replacing their home routers. After all, if it is working, don’t mess with it, right?

This is one of the area most people do not realize, without identifying the needed speed entering your home, or spotting any weak Wi-Fi spots in your home, you could be way under maintenance and your new gadgets may not even work if you are not on the right plan or package. Your home’s old internet demands may work perfectly in the past. However, now that every room in your house requires a high-speed internet connection, maybe it’s time to admit that you need to invest as much time and money on your infrastructure as your new shiny gadgets.


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