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Holiday Gift List – The Tech Gadgets You’ve Never Seen Before
December 8, 2022

Holiday Gift List – The Tech Gadgets You’ve Never Seen Before

Don’t get me wrong, we know that Christmas is way more than just gifts, but we cannot deny that giving gifts to our loved ones on this holiday is part of the seasonal fun. However, even with all the love in our hearts, finding suitable gifts for everyone can be both costly and time consuming, especially for your tech lovers. When yourself is not exactly the tech expert but still want to get something special for your loved ones, a neat list of unique technology gifts and gadgets could reduce some serious seasonal gift picking stress. Keep reading, we curated a list of unique tech gadgets and gifts that are both suitable for giving to your loved ones, or simply a surprising treat for yourself! Be prepared, some of gifts may blow your mind. 


Draftpour Beer Dispenser

Imagine yourself sitting on your living room couch, holding a can of your favorite beer, and watching your favorite team winning on TV, amazing right? Now, what if that beer is now turned to a glass of draft beer, wouldn’t that be even better? Beer tastes better on draft, we all know. And now, with Fizzics’s draftpour beer dispenser, you can easily turn your favorite canned beer into a cold draft within seconds of time.  You can now serve the brew of your choice on tap, tasting it at its best condition, simply at home, right on your kitchen counter. Check their website for detailed information.


Maglev Bluetooth Speaker

With the current market bursting with Bluetooth speakers, picking out a model as a gift for your loved ones is a tough quest. There are hundreds of models available to choose from, and many of them are equally amazing when comes to delivering top sound quality for your favorite music. So, what Bluetooth speaker can you pick out that will both provide quality performance as well as stand out in a pile of gifts? Well, magnetic levitation Bluetooth speaker could be a good gift to look into.

Magnetic Levitation Bluetooth Speakers are unique in design, able to freely levitate in air without any support. Not only cool-looking, but the levitation technology also allows music to travel 360 degree that provide enhanced stereo music experience. This will be a great holiday gift for your tech-savvy friends to add to their collection.


Laser Projection Wireless Keyboard

Unlike any other keyboards you have seen in the market, the Laser Projection Wireless Keyboard is a one-of-a-kind virtual keyboard that is super easy to use, very portable, and cool-looking. What unique about this keyboard is that it is not designed to use for laptops, but for tablets and phones!

The main component of this laser projection keyboard is a cuboid. When you are ready to use it, just connect it to your device via Bluetooth, and voila! A laser keyboard is now projected onto the surface in front of you. And don’t forget, the cuboid is also only the size of a power bank and can act like one as well. This laser keyboard has such a cutting-edge techy look that will surely impress anyone who receives it as a gift.


Gravity Suspended Water Droplet Lamp

I am sure we have all seen or heard of water hourglasses before, but have you ever seen an anti-gravity water hourglass, where the water droplets go up instead of down? Sounds interesting, but unreal, isn’t it? Well, I did not believe such thing exist, until now. 

This Gravity Suspended Water Droplet Lamp with its simple design, can fit in any modern home design as a table decoration piece. It also comes with a UV light purifier for any disinfection needs. All you need to do is to add pure water in the lamp’s water tank, plug it in, and wait for the magic to start. Soon as your turn on the lamp, you will see water starts dropping, not down, but up toward the top. This reversed water dropping scene is something stunning to see.

Now, spoilers alert, the water did not actually defy gravity and “drop up”. What is really happening here is that the water drops were treated and dropped within a controlled speed, combining with the light effect provided by the lamp, together created this stunning visual effect of water droplet flow upward rather than down. Still, such a gift would be perfect for your loved ones who are looking to add a techy decoration into their household. 


Bone Conduction Earphone

For the runners and the workout enthusiasts in your life, a good pair of Bone Conduction Earphone could be the perfect holiday gifts for them. These earphones may not be the best sounding-quality wireless earphones out there in the market, but they surely have other benefit you could not ignore.  

The way these bone conduction headphones work is that they rest directly on the listener’s cheekbones rather than inside one’s ear canal. Instead of passing the vibration to eardrum then to cochlea like a traditional earphone, bone conduction earphones pass the vibration through our head and jaw bones

Since these bone conduction earphones do not seal around or even touch the ear canal, they allow you to hear other pedestrians, passing cars, and any other potential hazards while running outside, which is something essential for people who loves workout outside, especially runners. And to add on one little secret, if you ended up with a water-proof bone conduction earphone, try it while swimming. We guarantee you will have an amazing time.

Currently, there are many different models in the market suitable for majority of people with various needs. Even though there are many big brands such as Sony and Bose are in this market, Shokz is, with no doubt, one of the best brands in the market for the of bone conduction headphones. If you are looking to get one for your loved ones for this holiday, Shokz is definitely a good starting point.


Temperature Controlled Mug

Nothing can beat a nice cup of hot cocoa or spiced eggnog in the Christmas morning. Unfortunately, regular mugs will start cooling down within just a few minutes. And if you are the type who prefer to take your time and enjoy your drink, within the blink of an eye, your drink could turn from the best thing in the morning to the nightmare you just want to get rid of right away. 

But when there is a need, there will be one solution. And Ember’s Temperature-controlled mugs could solve this problem instantly! These mugs will keep your drinks to the right temperature so that you can enjoy sitting that same drink for hours instead of just a few minutes. These convenient mugs can either be battery-powered, use a special coaster to transfer heat to the mug, or some even do both! If this sounds like something you’d like to get, check out their website for more information! 


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