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2023 Tech Trends | Sierra Experts
January 20, 2023

2023 Tech Trends | Sierra Experts

Technology is the primary catalyst for change in the world. Technology advances give businesses more possibilities to increase their productivity, invent and reinvent product and service offerings, and continue contribute to the overall well-being of humanity. While it remains difficult to predict how technology trends will play out, we researched and put together a list of potential popular tech trend based on marketing report, interviews and research.

Below are the top 5 technology trend for 2023, we hope that by reviewing these trends in the early days can help you better understand them and consider how they can relate to and help your organization grow.


1. Artificial Intelligence Everywhere

In 2023, AI will become real in many organizations. Utilizing AI will enable businesses to leverage its power and create more intelligent products and services. This is for sure number one tech trend for 2023

This trend has been in usage for a while, especially in retail market. Contactless, autonomous shopping and delivery, AI augmented services allow retailers to use AI to manage and automate their complex inventory management processes that happen behind the scenes. For instance, Stitch Fix is one AI-enabled company recommend clothes to its customers that match their sizes and tastes using AI-enabled algorithms, delivery straight to doorstep with simple return effort. All is possible because of the usage of AI.


2. Parts of the Metaverse Will Become Real

Metaverse, or by other names, is a more immersive internet where people can work, play, and socialize on in a persistent platform. Experts predict that the metaverse will add $5 trillion to the global economy by 2030, and 2023 will be the year that defines the direction of the metaverse for the next decade.

Augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) technology will continue to advance. Together with more advanced avatar technology – which is the presence we project as we engage with other users in the metaverse – could look exactly like we do in the real world, and motion capture will even enable our avatars to adopt our unique body language and gestures.

Companies are already using metaverse technology to conduct training and onboarding, and this trend will accelerate in 2023.


3. Progress in Web3

Blockchain technology will also increase significantly in 2023 as companies create more decentralized products and services.

Right now, majority of companies are switching to store everything in the cloud, incorporating the cloud platform trend started years ago. But imagine if we decentralize data storage and encrypt that data using blockchain, our information will not only be safer, but we’ll have innovative ways to access and analyze it.

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) will become more usable and practical in the new year. For example, NFT tickets to concerts will potentially give you access to backstage experiences and memorabilia. NFTs might be the keys we use to interact with many of the digital products and services we buy, or they could represent contracts we enter into with other parties.


4. Bridging the Digital and Physical World

We have already seen an emerging bridge between the digital and physical worlds, and this trend will continue in 2023. There are two components of this merger: digital twin technology and 3D printing.

Digital twins are virtual simulations of real-world processes, operations, or products that can be used to test new ideas in a safer digital environment. Designers and engineers can use digital twins to recreate physical objects inside virtual worlds, so they can test under every conceivable condition without the high costs of real-life experiments. In 2023, we’ll see even more digital twins, from factories to machinery to cars to even precision healthcare. After testing in the virtual world, engineers can then tweak and edit components, and create them in the real-world using 3D printing technology.

For example, Formula 1 teams are currently collecting data transmitted from sensors during races – such as race-track temperatures or weather conditions – to see how cars change during races. They then stream the data from the sensors to digital twins of the engines and car components. From there they will run scenarios to make design changes in digital world, the optimal car parts design will then be 3D printed based on the results of their testing, saving a huge amount of money in the real-world.


5. Increasingly Editable Nature

2023 will start an era where we will be living in a world where we can make changes to materials, plants, and even living beings by editing them. Nanotechnology will enable us to create materials with completely new features.

For those of you who don’t know, gene editing works a bit like word processing, where you can take some out and add some in. Gene editing can be used to correct DNA mutations, increase the health of crops, solve the problem of food allergies, or even edit human characteristics like eye and hair color.

CRISPR-Cas9 has been around for a few years, but in 2023 we’ll definitely see this gene editing technology accelerate and give us the increasing capability to “edit nature” by altering DNA.


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