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February 6, 2013

Sierra Bits & Bytes, Facts About Us – Emergency Preparedness

Does your business have a plan in place to handle unforeseen outages like the one that impacted Super Bowl XLVII?

Sierra Data Centers, Inc. offers thousands of feet of data center space to host disaster recovery systems. We also offer hosted virtual servers and virtual desktops for organizations that do not want to operate their own redundant hardware. Services like these can help your business continue to operate in the event your primary systems are rendered unavailable.

Sierra’s senior engineers have years of experience integrating primary and disaster recovery systems. We have helped organizations integrate DR systems at both our data centers and third party sites.

Sierra Data Centers, Inc. operates several data center facilities, including its flagship facility in downtown Pittsburgh. This facility represents one of the most connected and redundantly equipped data center facilities in the Pittsburgh area.

Sierra w/o Wires, Inc. and its sister company Sierra Data Centers, Inc. provide technology services to customers across the United States and in four other countries. The companies attempt to achieve market differentiation through expert-level systems engineering staff.