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Now Introducing: ECHO by Sierra
December 18, 2018

Now Introducing: ECHO by Sierra

We’ve recently unveiled our newly re-branded healthcare and mental health billing application, ECHO (formerly known as Sierra Billing Manager or SBM). ECHO has all the features you could find within SBM all with a new look and feel, plus added functionalities to make the process a breeze from start to finish.

Why ECHO by Sierra? 

  • State Integrated: ECHO is currently PROMISe™ enabled in PA and CA, but will soon integrate with all 50 states. Also, ECHO is v5010 compliant and supports 837 and 835 electronic forms for claim submissions.
  • Easy Data Access: ECHO ensures easy data access for your staff and can be utilized from anywhere an Internet connection and Web browser are available. Also, enjoy centralized approval options so managers can review submissions before they go live.
  • Simplified App: ECHO has scalable licensing options and a single, flat monthly fee. The app itself is web-based and hosted by the Sierra team, so you can rest assured that all your data is safe and secure.
  • Streamlined Billing: The ECHO payroll & salary management features help to streamline an organization’s payroll efforts by providing a high-level overview of each employee’s non-billable hours and expenses. Also, improved functionality for residential billing allows for a more intuitive workflow.
  • Customizable: ECHO can be customized to fit the needs of any organization. All functionality and reporting options can be customized to work in a way that makes sense to you and your staff.


You can learn more about how ECHO can help with healthcare and mental health billing within your organization on the new site, SierraECHO.org or get a free demo from our development team to see it how it works firsthand.