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Halloween Safety Tips (For Everyone) | Sierra Experts
October 26, 2022

Halloween Safety Tips (For Everyone) | Sierra Experts

It is the season for Halloween once again! On this Spooktacular Day, many of us are so busy enjoying the holiday, and we may forget a thing or two about safety. After all, we may be out trick-or-treating, staying at home handing out candy, hosting a spooky party, or on the way to one, and nothing here sounds dangerous, right?

Well actually, that’s not 100% accurate. There are many things that could go wrong and ruin a perfect Halloween if we forget to practice safety on this fun and spooky night. This is why it’s important to stay informed and take the necessary precautions to promote safety.

Here is a list of safety tips on what you can do to prevent accidents from happening this Halloween, whether you are on the hunt for candy, dressing your little ones, or enjoying a party! We have a tip for everyone! 


Trick-or-Treat Safely

  1. Stay Connected – Bring a cell phone in case any emergency phone call needs to be made. Also let your parents know where you are going to be at all times.
  2. Stay on Side – Use the sidewalk whenever possible. If there’s no sidewalk, walk on the side of the road facing traffic.
  3. No Stranger – Always trick-or-treat in familiar neighborhoods, and at homes of people you know. If you are trick-or-treating a stranger’s house, only do so at houses with their lights on, and never go inside!
  4. Allergy Aware – If you have any allergies, let the homeowner know when they are handing out treats. Also make sure to bring necessities like EpiPen or other allergy remedy, and let your friends know what to do if you need it. 
  5. Wait for It – Don’t eat any of your treats until you get home. Once home, ask your parents to look through your treats with you first to make sure everything is okay.
  6. Don’t Go Alone – Never trick-or-treat alone, have a buddy system, and always try to stay in a group with at least three people.
  7. Flashlight Needed – Take a flashlight with you, so you don’t trip or fall on anything dangerous.
  8. No Jaywalking – Never cross between cars or between big bushes and trees. When you cross the street, use the crosswalks.


Costumes for a Safe Halloween

  1. Reflective Protected – Make or buy costumes in light-colored material. If not able, at least decorate costumes and bags with reflective tape or stickers for safety
  2. No Masks(decorative) – Do not use masks. Masks can obstruct children’s vision and make it hard to see what’s around, including cars. Instead, try using non-toxic face paint or make-up kit.
  3. Fitted Costumes – Check and tailor costumes to make sure it is properly fitted, avoid things such as oversized shoes, high heels, long capes or long dresses. This can reduce the chance of tripping and prevent falls. 
  4. Flame Retardant – Only buy costumes labeled “flame-retardant.” This will reduce the chance of the costume catch on fire. If you make your own costume, nylon or polyester are both flame retardant materials you can use.
  5. Name Labels – Put your kids’ name, your address, and phone number on their costume for precaution


Drive Extra Safely on Halloween

  1. Don’t Drive – If you’re able, avoid driving during trick-or-treating. Popular trick-or-treating hours are 5:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. Be especially alert for kids during those hours.
  2. Slow down – Slow down and be especially alert in residential neighborhoods. Children are excited on Halloween and may move in unpredictable ways.
  3. Be Alert – Take extra time to look for kids at intersections, on medians and on curbs. watch for children crossing the street
  4. No Distraction – Get rid of any distractions like your phone while driving so you can concentrate on the road and your surroundings.
  5. Early Signal – Turn your headlights on earlier in the day to spot children from greater distances.
  6. NO Drink & Drive– Halloween is a great time for parties, but sometimes that means drinking. Never get behind the wheel after you’ve had alcohol.


For homeowners:

  1. Stay Lit – Turn on outdoor lights and replace burnt-out bulbs, keep your sidewalks and pathways clearly lit.
  2. Keep Clear– Clear your steps, porch, and lawns from items such as cords or hoses that might trip a child. Also sweep wet leaves from your steps and driveway.
  3. No Flame – Avoid using candles in your pumpkins, substitute with other alternatives such as battery-operated candles, flashlight or camping light to avoid flaming hazard
  4. Allergy Aware – Be cautious some children have food allergies. Avoid handing out home baked goods and stay with store bought treats. Also consider giving treats other than candy, such as stickers or small toys.
  5. Pet Protection– We all love our furry friends, but for a safe Halloween, the best practice is to put them away. The different sight and sounds may be frightening to them, which could lead to aggressive behavior.
  6. Party Safe– If you’re hosting a party, do NOT provide alcohol to minors. You will get both yourself and the minor in trouble.


Sierra Experts wishes everyone a safe and fun Halloween! It’s Halloween, and we all deserve a good scare!

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