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First Comes UX/UI… Then Comes Sales and Marketing
June 14, 2019

First Comes UX/UI… Then Comes Sales and Marketing


In charge of prospecting and generating leads? Well, this is an attempt to get your wheels spinning in a new direction. Hopefully, you’ll come out a little more open-minded with a new go-to strategy on how to not only get leads but get leads that will convert.

Some of us – well quite honestly – most of us in sales have a comfortable habit of starting out a new initiative with phone calls and knocking on doors. First, you meet with marketing to get a couple pieces of collateral made. Then, maybe they setup a landing page, a couple social posts, a few emails to drive response and… voila! You’re ready to sell, but are you really?

According to recent studies by leading experts who are in search of uncovering the best proven strategy to maximize conversions, it’s a common trend to leave out certain tactics or not implement them at all. Studies conducted by leading influencers such as Forbes Technology, Medium.com, and Google have been focusing on the well-known acronyms, “UX” (User Experience) and “UI” (User Interface), but they’re doing so in the BEGINNING of the sales process and not AFTER – which is a whole new concept for most.

Interesting. So, let’s take a step back. First, we as marketing and sales professionals, acknowledge the fact that over the past decade we have been trained to use digital analytics and data tracking to optimize based on the positive user journey throughout our campaigns. We report on activity, make tweaks, and repeat. Sell and send, ask questions later. This habit will still work… eventually. However, a new concept in digital strategy has begun to form and has produced overwhelming results for in-house teams that focus solely on pre-launching a campaign and live tracking interaction. You might be curious to know, how is that even possible? How do we test something if we don’t first send it out to users and track their results?


Insert…. The “UX/UI Lab”

Think of it as your very own quality control center that includes all the best and brightest in sales, marketing, technology, development, and your average common human being. What if, before you talk to your first prospect, you consulted with all of these individuals who reviewed your collateral, your landing page, your email copy, and your social media posts? These individuals would ensure all of it is easy to follow, read, and understand. After, it will be proven to catch your audience’s attention and most importantly… influence them to want to learn more or even buy?!

That knowledge is power in each phone call you make or face-to-face conversation your sales team has moving forward. Next time you leave someone with your website, your whitepaper, your blog, or your social page you’ll have confidence knowing you have the best chance of quick conversion because this pathway has already been paved by a team of experts. Sounds pretty great right? So, next time you want to jump head first into selling only to follow up for days or weeks with no answer, take the extra time to test out the path that you would be leading your prospects through. Ask for feedback and don’t just get one person’s opinion, get five. Only then will you know you’ve set yourself up to see those conversions!


We offer a full range of digital marketing and advertising services. Our UX Marketing Lab session can be used to test and improve any of your current marketing initiatives such as your business website or your email marketing efforts. If you don’t know where to begin, we can start by performing a marketing analysis to review your current positioning online and learn more about what’s working for you and what’s not.

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