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Apps for College Students – 2023-2024 School Year
September 11, 2023

Apps for College Students – 2023-2024 School Year

As the new academic year of 2023-2024 starts, college students have access to a plethora of helpful apps that aid in note-taking, organization, studying, and tracking. With an overwhelming number of options available on the App Store and Google Play, selecting the best ones can be a daunting task. In order to assist you in staying organized and productive, we have thoughtfully compiled a thorough list of the top apps for college students!

Take a look at some of our recommendations:

  1. Bookly – This tracking and management app permits users to stay on top of reading goals. While this can be used for reading outside of class, the app allows users to set goals for their textbooks within the app. Once the textbook and read-by dates are added, notifications will be sent to students as a reminder. Overall, this is a fantastic way of staying on top of class reading.
  2. Peech – This is a text-to-speech reader that can turn any PDF, book, web article, or text file into audio. It is a great alternative for students who want to get assigned reading done while they’re commuting to school, walking to class, or eating lunch. Peech is a friendly app for those with various conditions that make it hard to read, such as dyslexia or low vision.
  3. Goodnotes – Viral on TikTok and Instagram, Goodnotes is a note-taking app that helps students organize, capture, edit, and manage handwritten notes. Commonly used by users with iPads and Apple Pencils, the app permits users to handwrite digital notes in notebook formats or PDF template uploads. Don’t have an iPad or Apple Pencil? No worries, you can simply type your notes on your phone or laptop!
  4. Notion – Say hello to your newest digital planner. Notion is a freemium productivity and note-taking web app. It offers task management, project tracking, to-do lists, and plan your day-to-day. Templates can be purchased by template creators, or you can design your personal layout yourself.



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