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Our Mission

At Sierra Experts we utilize our vast experience as an IT managed services provider, advanced engineering and development teams, and customized tools to understand and fulfill even the most complicated of customer IT needs.

Sierra strives to continually improve customer satisfaction, retention, and growth. At the core of Sierra’s business is a philosophy that technology exists solely for the purpose of making our work, our play, and our lives better. We believe that technology should never be a burden or a roadblock and we are guided by an unending passion for a simplified user experience.

Sierra is dedicated to creating innovative IT products and services that automate, streamline, and standardize IT operations ─ allowing customers to focus on delivering their products and services.

Meet Our Team

About Sierra Experts

Sierra Experts, formerly known as Sierra w/o Wires, is an IT managed service and support provider headquartered in Pittsburgh, PA. Sierra specializes in remote monitoring and management of computing systems, cloud/virtual systems hosting, VoIP/SIP PBX trunks and solutions, physical server hosting, digital marketing, graphic and web design, custom software development, and hardware and software reselling.

Sierra Experts is a veteran owned company, and proud to be local, meaning we do not outsource our MSP services. Everything we do is handled internally, enabling effective communication and personalized IT service and support, through a team you can trust.

The full time staff of experts at Sierra currently provide service to customers in 38 states and 3 countries. We operate our own data center facilities, including a flagship 4,500 square foot facility.

Sierra Experts prides itself on delivering our services in a no-nonsense, practical way by continuously improving customer satisfaction, retention, and growth.

Sierra Products and Services

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