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5 Reasons You Might Need IT forensic Services
May 19, 2020

5 Reasons You Might Need IT forensic Services

As more of our life becomes digital it is no surprise that the need for digital forensics increases exponentially every year. However, IT forensics can still be a confusing topic for some. If you find yourself in any one of these 5 situations below, you may want to call a Digital Forensic specialist.

1. Internal Investigations

Internal investigations can be necessary in any industry. They may be required for a number of reasons including: Inappropriate use of the internet and email in the workplace, accounting fraud, theft, unauthorized access and distribution of data, threats, harassment, or other forms of inappropriate communication. The goal of this type of digital forensics is to uncover the truth about alleged misconduct. While making sure to not compromise the relationship with any innocent employees or unnecessarily damage anyone’s reputation.


2. Data Recovery

Recovering lost information is an important use of IT forensics no matter how the information was lost. Whether it was hacking, employee error, natural disaster or something else, digital forensics can help try to recover whatever is possible. Even when you think things may be gone forever sometimes there is a copy saved elsewhere that can be restored.


3. Cybercrime

If you are a victim of cybercrime, employing an IT forensic specialist can be a great way to get to the bottom of what happened and who was responsible. This allows you to legally go after the criminal as well as better prepare your organization. That way you won’t be susceptible to the same types of attacks next time.

collecting forensic evidence

4. Evidence Collection   

Digital forensics is often used for evidence collection. The process is very specific. It is important that no evidence is altered in anyway and that the collection is properly documented. The expert carefully preserves the new copy so that it is able to stand up in court. Evidence can be collected from smartphones, tablets, laptops, desktops, hard drives, camera cards, GPS devices, game consoles and other devices.


5. Expert Witness Testimony

Sometimes if the digital evidence collected is important in a case, IT forensic specialists will be required to provide expert witness testimony. This can be provided in court or through deposition to explain how the evidence was analyzed and report their findings.


How Sierra Can Help

Our IT forensic specialists are ready to help with any digital security problem. We can recover, analyze, document, and certify any electronic device.   For more information on the services we offer check out our website here, give us a call at 844.750.4170, or send us an email at Sales@SierraExperts.com