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5 Myths About Working in Tech
January 28, 2022

5 Myths About Working in Tech


Sierra Experts is about to MythBusters on everyone and crack the code to all the myths and stigmas that surround the ideas of working the tech. There are plenty of misconceptions about this industry, however, through research and just by talking to people in the tech industry, we were able to debunk some of these myths about working in tech.


Top 5 Myths About Working in Tech:


1. Only Men Work in Tech

Although men do make up most individuals working in tech, there is still many women obtaining these types of jobs. According to data from the National Science Foundation (NSF), more women than ever are earning STEM degrees — and they are catching up to men in earning bachelor’s degrees in science and engineering subjects. According to research from the NSF, the number of women working in tech jobs will continue to increase all the way up to 2029.

Another thing to keep in mind is women aren’t entering technology jobs at the same rate as men. One reason can be traced back to male-dominated workplaces. It is important to keep in mind that a lack of representation for women in tech can hinder a woman’s ability to succeed in the industry. Luckily, compared to recent years, women are making up 34% of tech jobs at major companies like Facebook, Amazon, and Microsoft according to Purdue University.


2. Tech Isn’t Creative

When you work in tech, both left and right-brained thinking are beneficial. Although organization, attention to detail, and strong analytical skills are useful in a tech career, don’t discount the power of creativity. Troubleshooting database problems, resolving network issues, and building new software all require creativity.


3. You Will Spend All Day Coding

Listen, if you want to spend all day coding, then you can totally do that in tech. But that’s not the only way to work in tech. You can spend all day designing, or creating content, or marketing things on social media, or creating product strategies. There is more to the tech field than just coding.


4. You Need a Computer Science Degree

If you majored in history or art or music and don’t want to go back to school, or even never went to college at all, you’ll be in good company in the tech world. Many modern-day tech professionals are being forged into online trainings, classes and bootcamps from a wide variety of different backgrounds. Tech employers are looking for skills, not necessarily for degrees.

To go off that, people think that you need to have a ton of experience to work in tech. Most employers in the tech field don’t care so much how you look on paper, but rather what skills you have and how to demonstrate them.


5. You Need to be a Mathematician

Struggled through algebra and calculus during school? Don’t worry, it’s not a deal breaker by any means! While those with a natural affinity for numbers do have a slight edge when it comes to coding, it doesn’t mean it can’t be learned without that strength. Most people forget that tech is a larger field than just coding. If you are not a numbers person, there are jobs like creating interactive websites using JavaScript. Most jobs utilize the skills of logic and architecture.


Truth About Working in Tech:


There are many different types of technology careers to choose from. Developing skills can come from a variety of places and is not always taught in school. If you are interested in a career in tech, the first step is to rid yourself of all the myths and stigmas. Focus on your skillset and dive into a tech path that makes the most sense for you.