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World Wide Web Easter Eggs
April 15, 2014

World Wide Web Easter Eggs

With Easter just passing can you think of a symbol that kids recognize during Easter? How about Easter Eggs? Easter Eggs aren’t just something children recognize or have fun with but programmers and developers have fun with them as well. Easter eggs however, have a different meaning to developers and programmers, they are unexpected hidden secrets that they embed into a website for users to find and make them smile. The web is full of these little hidden “Easter eggs” and here are some that we have taken notice of.

1) The Konami Code
The Konami code was used as a cheat code in many Konami video games. Developers and Programmers have now put them into some websites as a joke. Don’t know the code, we do! Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A. Try it on these websites below:

– http://digg.com
– http://soundclick.com 

2) Google
It’s no surprise Googles programmers and developers add hidden Easter eggs. Here are some that we found:
– Search for “do a barrel roll” and “zerg rush”
– Go to Google Images and search “Atari Breakout”
– Google Earth flight simulator. Download Google Earth and press Ctrl + Alt + A to activate the flight simulator and fly your F-16 across the world. 

3) Youtube
Search “Beam me up, Scotty,” “Do the Harlem shake,” and “doge meme”
– If your video is taking forever to load, you will notice the buffering symbol in the middle (a whirring circle), if you press the left arrow on your key board it will turn into the game of Snake
– Right-click on a video and you’ll see the option “Stats for Nerd.” It will give you a rundown of statistics of the video you’re watching.

4) Go to http://producten.hema.nl/ and hover over the cup item.

Tell us about any “Easter eggs” you have come across on the web!