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Security Threat that Affects All Windows Users
July 8, 2021

Security Threat that Affects All Windows Users

Did you know…there are over 1 billion Windows-powered PCs in use around the world; and hackers just found a way into all of them.


What is the vulnerability?

The security flaw, known as PrintNightmare, affects the print spooler service. It allows attackers to infiltrate a user’s system through the spooler service and install programs; view, edit, or delete data; or create new user accounts. This gives hackers enough control to severely damage your PC.

Microsoft urges its users to immediately install a critical update after security researchers found a serious vulnerability in the operating system.



How did it happen and who does it affect?

Security researchers discovered the vulnerability back in May and published a proof-of-concept online by mistake before Microsoft could send out a patch. Although deleted quickly, it was published elsewhere online, including GitHub. To quote my parents while I was growing up: Once you put something on the Internet, it’s there for good.

PrintNightmare has affected not only Windows 10, but Windows 7 as well. Patches for both operating systems are available.

Follow this link for 3 easy steps on how to secure your computer: https://www.digitaltrends.com/computing/how-to-fix-print-nightmare-on-windows-right-now/



How big of a problem is the threat?

The threat is huge and something you should be concerned about – I know I am! Attackers can gain access to your PC through the default Windows program, Print Spooler. Attackers use remote code execution to potentially install programs, modify data, and create new user accounts with full admin rights. Remote code execution allows for both local access and lateral movement, or moving progressively through a network, into other systems such as a domain controller. Their goal is to gain access to sensitive data and other high-value assets.

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