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What is VAM Software and Do I Need it?
October 12, 2017

What is VAM Software and Do I Need it?

In a world where media can be seen on every street corner, in every city, worldwide, it poses the question: Am I utilizing the best option to store and manage my video assets? Whether you manage video content for a large array of security cameras or your law firm is acquiring large amounts of evidential video content, you need a fool-proof plan for your video asset management. So, what is video asset management? Video asset management (or VAM) is the way an organization manages, stores, and delivers its video content.

No product can be, or should be, a “one size fits all” solutions in terms of VAM, but Sierra Experts’ sister company, Sierra Media, offers a product that can be custom-tailored to fit your company’s needs. There are many solutions if all you need is to store a few videos in one place, but with Sierra Media’s VIAVault, storage for your video content is only scratching the surface of what the product can do.


Automatically ingest video files of various formats and place them into a secure, redundant disk-based storage environment that accepts numerous memory card formats (SDHC, P2, SxS – to name a few).


Automatically encode your ingested video files to other formats that suite the needs of your current project. You can go from an Adobe Flash FLV file to an MPEG2 instantaneously. Also, it supports outside programs such as: Apple Final Cut, Adobe After Effects and Premier, Sony Vegas, as well as many outside media players.


VIAVault gives you the ability to centralize your videos all in one place. Meta-tags are automatically added to your digital content upon ingestion (such as date, time, etc.) and you can add your own. This allows for simpler workflow automation as you’re not spending countless hours digging through digital content. Simply search through the files on a simple web-based interface and find what you’re looking for in seconds.


Automatically retain hours and hours of footage in VIAVault’s high-capacity, secure storage system. These files will be easily retrievable, as well as backed up so that they are protected from any mechanical failures – all in one place.


VIAVault allows you to keep a secure chain of custody by giving unlimited users access to certain channels whenever you choose to provide it. Instead of downloading the video content onto a hard drive to give to the officer that’s requesting security footage for a case he’s working on, you can send him access to a channel you can create specifically for him. Not only can you see when he downloads and views the content, but you remove the risk of a stolen or lost hard drive.

So, do I need VAM software or not?

You might. How much video content are you storing? Where are you currently storing it? How much workflow do you put towards managing your video assets? If you’re noticing you have a lot of content stored in various spots and you spend a lot of time searching for it – then, yes you may need to consider a VAM software such as VIAVault.

Storage and searchability are huge parts of a VAM software, but with VIAVault there are numerous other workflow automations tools you can utilize to create the best atmosphere possible for all your video assets. Industries such as Education, Security/Public Safety, Broadcast/Video Production, Hospitality, Healthcare, Legal, and so many more can benefit from a video asset management software like VIAVault.

To find out more about how your company can make post-production faster, easier, and more secure than ever, contact us today and schedule a free 2-month trial of VIAVault.

Or if you’re just looking to learn more about the product or what Sierra Media has to offer, visit the site: www.SierraMedia.com