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Understanding Google Ads – Search vs Display
May 8, 2020

Understanding Google Ads – Search vs Display

You can’t avoid it any longer, you realized that a portion of your advertising dollars need to go to digital ads. Google is so ingrained in our daily routines that it has become a verb. If you don’t prioritize how you show up on Google, you risk not being able to be found by your customers. Google has multiple types of ads: Search, Display, Video, Shopping and App. Today we are going to go over two of the most versatile ad types, Search and Display.


Benefits of Search Ads

Search Ads are the listings that show at the top of the Google Search Results. They are marked with “Ad” in the top left of the result. They are best for attracting customers who are in the middle of the marketing funnel. It is important for your website to show up when people are actively searching for a product or service that you offer, Google Search Ads lets you accomplish this.  When setting up your search ads it is important to understand why the customer is searching in Google in the first place. They are currently probably researching their options to fill a particular need. You don’t go to Google and just start scrolling through random results like you would social media. This means you want to be clear and concise about why the product or service you offer is the best choice to fit the customers pain point.

 Tips for this include:

  1. Grouping keywords into categories.
  2. Including call to actions, including deals and specials.
  3. Using competitors in your list of targeted keywords.
  4. Adding negative keywords to ensure you are not competing for search results of related things that you do not offer.


Benefits of Display Ads

Display Ads can serve as a completely different part of your marketing strategy. They are best used in the top of the funnel as well as the bottom of the funnel. Display Ads show up all over the internet, not just on the Google search results page. They are often found at the top or on the sides of websites you visit. Display Ads also show up in Gmail as well as YouTube. They can be text ads, but they also can include images and videos which make them very useful in the awareness stage of the sales cycle.

Awareness – Display ads can be very visual which makes them great for awareness. They are found on sites that your potential customers are already spending time. This allows you to attract them before they are actively searching for your product or service in Google. You can target by demographics as well as interests to help get your ads in front of people who have the potential to be customers. 

Remarketing – Display ads are also great for the bottom of the sales funnel. Have you ever been online shopping, put a few things in your cart, decided you didn’t want to buy them today and then see those exact items on the side of some article you were reading on a completely different site? Those are Google Display Ads and they are very popular to use for remarketing and cart abandonment.

search vs display ads

What Google Ad Strategy is Right for Your Business

Most businesses can benefit from a mix of both Google Search Ads and Google Display Ads. It is important to evaluate who your target audience is and what you can offer them at each stage of the buying cycle. However, if that seems like too much too fast, in most cases Google Search Ads are a good way to start. They allow a lot of control over your advertising spend and allow you to get in front of people who are looking for you or businesses like yours!


How Can Sierra Help

Here at Sierra we offer Digital Marketing Services that can handle all of your Google Ad Campaigns. From strategy, to creation, to monitoring and then reporting our digital marketing team will make sure you get the right message in front of the right people at the right time. Give us a call or send us an email at Sales@SierraExperts.com to get a free marketing evaluation.