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Three Key Benefits of Remote IT Support
September 15, 2014

Three Key Benefits of Remote IT Support

Remote IT support allows a technician to diagnose a problem, troubleshoot possible solutions, and verify an implemented solution has resolved the issue, all via the internet through desktop sharing. Below we’ve outlined the three key benefits that having a remote IT support team will provide for your business.

Three key benefits of remote IT support are:

1. Reduced Costs
Remote IT support can help reduce costs for the following reasons:
– When problems are able to be fixed remotely, you won’t be billed for a technician to travel to the job site.
– Desktop sharing allows the technician to see and understand the issue quicker and clearer than with a phone call.
– A full remote IT support team is available to supplement your existing IT team, reducing the number of employees your business may need to staff.

2. Increased Uptime
By having a remote IT team available to assist your business with IT matters 24/7/365, your business will experience increased uptime, less delays, and increased productivity.
Remote IT teams commonly address issues such as: – Spyware Removal
– Virus Removal
– Driver Updates and Installation
– Software Upgrades and Installation
This mean that you will be free to focus on the core of the business instead of IT infrastructure.

3. Availability
Remote IT support teams are generally available 24/7/365 and can address your IT issues as soon as they arise. Because your IT concerns will be addressed via the internet, software related issues can be resolved in real time from any location. There is no need to schedule an appointment or wait for a technician to arrive.

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