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The New Era of Hybrid Computing
July 15, 2021

The New Era of Hybrid Computing

Windows is going to the Cloud. No – we’re not talking about the puffy ones in the sky.


Microsoft just announced a new product that will let you stream Windows 10 or 11 from anywhere. By using Microsoft’s new hybrid “Cloud PCs” you can access your PC through a web browser. The Cloud PCs lets you stream the full Windows experience – including all your apps, data, and settings—to your personal or corporate devices.

Sounds cool and convenient, right?


How does it work?

Streaming has taken the world by storm. Windows 365 will work similarly to current streaming services – the computing is done in a data center and streamed to your device. It will work on any modern web browser or through Microsoft’s Remote Desktop app. This allows users to access their Cloud PC from a variety of devices, even the products of their long-term rival, Apple. The experience is consistent, no matter the device.

“You can pick up right where you left off, because the state of your Cloud PC remains the same, even when you switch devices.” – Wangui McKelvey, general manager for Microsoft 365


Launch and Cost

There will be a soft launch on August 2nd for businesses. It will be a per-user monthly subscription cost. One of the pricing options is $31.00 per user, per month. That price point gets you 2 CPUs, 4GB of RAM, and 128GB of storage.



Microsoft will offer two editions of Windows 365: Business and Enterprise. They are powered by Azure Virtual Desktop. Individual Cloud PCs can be configured with a single CPU, 2GB of RAM, and 64GB of storage at the low-end. If you want something that packs more of a punch, you can go all the way up to 8 CPUs, 32GB of RAM, and 512GB of storage.


“Windows 365 is really going to make a huge difference for organizations that wanted to try virtualization for various reasons but could not — maybe it was too costly, too complex or they didn’t have the expertise in house to do it.” – Wangui McKelvey, general manager for Microsoft 365


Cloud PCs can be created within minutes and assigned to employees. No navigating VPNs or worrying about security.



With everything becoming digital nowadays, security is the main thing on our minds when it comes to technology. Microsoft understands the importance of information security and created a Zero Trust Architecture for Windows 365. All information is stored and secured in the cloud instead of the device. By utilizing Multifactor authentication (MFA) and Microsoft Azure Active Directory (Azure AD), you can explicitly verify any login or access attempt.


Microsoft has been offering cloud-based services since Office 2013, which launched alongside Office 365. The Windows 365 project has been worked on for years and finished perfectly in time for businesses struggling with remote work.

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