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The Most Effective Ways to Unplug on National Day of Unpulgging
March 4, 2022

The Most Effective Ways to Unplug on National Day of Unpulgging


To say that we depend heavily on our phones and gadgets is an understatement. As we are hyper-connected with friends, family, and strangers via social media, we can sometimes miss what is going on right in front of our eyes. During the National Day of Unplugging, we encourage you to spend time in nature, make family and friend connections, and relax.


History of National Day of Unplugging:

The National Day of Unplugging was created by Reboot, a nonprofit Jewish community that was originally established in 2003. However, you do not need to be Jewish, or even religious at all to participate. The idea behind the day was to challenge people to keep their electronic devices unplugged and unused for 24 hours to give themselves the chance to take a break and spend time relaxing with family, friends, or alone.

Most Effective Ways to Unplug:

We believe the most effective way to celebrate this day is simply just unplugging from your phone. Unfortunately, it is very hard to unplug from every device when you have to work and communicate throughout the day.  However, we encourage you do strip yourself from all devices when you clock out of work for the day. Enjoy the world we live in and connect on another level with those around you.


1. Prepare Yourself for 24 Hours of Unplugging

This may seem silly to some people, but there are so many people that rely heavily on their devices for everyday tasks. The most effective way to go into this day is by preparation. Prepare to not use social media the day before. Whether that be by simply logging out or even sharing with your friends and family why you will be participating in this day. That way anyone who needs to get ahold of you can do so in another way.


2. Plan Digital-Free Activities

Sometimes we lose track of the world around us because we are so nose deep in our phones. We need to remember there are so many ways to connect with not only those around us, but the world around us. Have a new book you have been meaning to read? Today is the day you finally dive in! Have you been wanting to hike or enjoy nature more? Well, grab some friends and plan an outdoor adventure! Now is the time to do all the things you have been putting off.


3. Don’t Think About What You’re Missing Out On

FOMO aka Fear of Missing Out. It consumes all of us whether we like it or not. We have been so trained to be in the know, that it literally hurts when we miss something. It is just one day. All the social media posts and news will still be there when the 24 hours is up. It honestly will probably be super nice not being so consumed in the media for a day.


4. Rejuvenate Yourself

Another effective way to unplug is to use this as a time to rejuvenate yourself and refresh you mind, body, and soul. Whether that be booking a trip to the spa, joining a yoga class, or simply just taking a nap—there are so many ways you can refresh during this time. Remember, this is something you should be doing more than once a year. It is always beneficial to give yourself a recharge.


5. Use This Time to Try a New Hobby or Learn a New Skill

This goes back to our post from the beginning of the year about resolutions that will be easy to follow through with… Maybe you haven’t gotten that chance to try that new hobby or skill you have been wanting to this year. Today is the day! Use this time to learn something new and jumpstart your goal.

Other Easy Ways to Unplug and Stay Focused on a Daily Basis:

Here are some tips and tricks to staying focused every day. Who knows, this one day of unplugging might make you want to unplug more often or lessen the amount of hyper-connectivity we are a part of on the daily.

  1. Start the day with yourself.
  2. Turn off phone email notifications and text message alerts
  3. Set boundaries for your workday.
  4. Put down your phones at mealtime.
  5. Read or watch something you love.


5 Benefits of Unplugging:

This will instantly enable you to become more present in your life and that in turn will do the following;

  • Strengthen interpersonal communication and your relationships
  • Boost creativity and focus
  • De-stress and calm anxiety or fear
  • Improve gratitude
  • Create inner peace and joy

Try to incorporate these tips into your daily routine and life will suddenly become more engaging and less stressful!