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The 10 Types of People in Your Zoom Meetings
February 16, 2021

The 10 Types of People in Your Zoom Meetings

It has been almost a year of virtual meetings. While some have been enjoying the casual attire and comfort of their living room, others have encountered some new challenges while working from home.  Regardless, chances are you have been on a video call this year and come across at least one of these people.


The one who asks if you can hear them every time they start talking.

This was understandable in the beginning, but after the 100th call, yes, we can hear you. Just like you could hear everyone who was talking before you. Start talking, someone will let you know if we can’t hear you, no need to ask. 


The one who always has something going on in the background.

A lot of people have spent some portion of the year working from home.  If you don’t live alone, this means someone else might be in your house as well. From dogs, to children, to half-dressed partners we all know the one person who has something distracting going on in the background.


The one who wears headphones that have a bad mic.

Why do you sound like you are underwater, 20 feet away from your computer, with construction going on in the background? The rest of us have managed to sound perfectly normal so it isn’t the connection.


The one who always changes the background.

Yes, we would all rather be on a beach or in space right now…


The one who doesn’t turn on their camera.

Is this person listening? Are they watching tv with the computer next to them? Are they kidnapped and not even at the meeting at all? Who knows, their camera is off.

Your Mic is muted

The one who never mutes themselves when other people are talking.

Listen Janice, we all quietly listened to you. Please mute your mic when you aren’t talking so we don’t have to hear your keys typing and your dog barking.


The one who always makes a comment about when we get back to normal.

“This is an unprecedented time, I can’t wait until we can all have meetings in person again.”  Let’s just all agree that we can’t wait till this is over and then we don’t have to make a comment about it every time we get on this call.


The one who is wearing pjs.

While most of us now observe a much looser dress code than before, you could still probably put real pants on.


The one who is dressed like it’s an interview.

Contrary to the one who is wearing pjs, there is also someone who is wearing a full suit while sitting in their living room. Good for you sir.


The one who is clearly doing something else while you are talking.

We’re all busy, but you could at least act like you’re paying attention and not answering emails and watching Netflix out of the corner of your eye. Maybe you should take a note from the person who turned their camera off.


Jokes aside, this year has been different. Whether you are continuing to work remotely, back in the office full time or planning to head back soon, the experts at Sierra can make sure your IT is working securely and efficiently. Give us a call to see how your business can benefit from our variety of services.