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SIP Trunking Services

Any company that is already enjoying the benefits of a reliable VoIP phone system already knows that the cost savings is immense. In regards to SIP Trunking, Sierra’s pricing is unparalleled, while offering the value of flexible service.

Scalable On-Demand

It can be extremely difficult to change the amount of traditional phone lines in a business. Providers only offer phone lines in large increments, and the process can be very complicated.

Sierra’s SIP Trunking service is based on number of concurrent call paths, and allows your company to easily scale services depending on your unique needs, without the added expense of additional hardware and dedicated service. Adding extra lines is as easy as giving us a call, or sending an email.


SIP Trunking is already a more affordable choice than traditional phone lines, and in the SIP Trunking business, Sierra offers one of the best prices available. Also, enjoy the added benefit of very little capital investment when switching from traditional phone lines.

Reliable Service

SIP Trunking by Sierra is hosted in Pittsburgh, PA, in our Tier-3 Data Center, one of the most secure, connected, and power reliable buildings in the region. The data center is connected to 3 power substations, 8 major telecom carriers, and 3000 lines of fiber. With a 99.997% uptime metric, you can rest assured that your phone service will be reliable.

SIP Trunking
Sipulator Features


  • $24.99 per concurrent call path
  • 99.997% uptime
  • High-availability soft switching fabric spans multiple locations

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