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Sierra Spotlight – Chenxi Zhang
September 20, 2022

Sierra Spotlight – Chenxi Zhang


In every successful business, Marketing is one department that plays a vital role in promoting the business to the public. And here at Sierra Experts, our Marketing department does more than promoting for ourselves, but also for our clients. The role of Digital Marketing Specialist is essential to our marketing team, from Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to managing a dozen of social media accounts, our Digital Marketing Specialist, Chenxi Zhang, takes care of all the essentials so that our clients can relax. Today we are happy to have Chenxi as this week’s Sierra Spotlight.


Chenxi is a new hire here at Sierra. From the time she started, she was already assigned with multiple internal and external marketing projects. While building relationships with existing customers, she also onboarded new clients to help with their digital marketing needs. As part of her job, she will also plan and attend various events to help build the company’s reputation and raise brand awareness while bringing in new customers.




Chenxi graduated from University of Pittsburgh with a dual degree in Marketing Science and Business Analytics in May 2022.  She moved to Pittsburgh in 2020 and stayed ever since.

If you know Chenxi, then you know she has a long list of interests. She is a huge Marvel and Disney fan. She loves to play board games and Pokémon Go with her friends. When she’s not in the mood for crowds, she always stays home and snuggles with her puppy.




We asked Chenxi what her experience was so far about working at Sierra Experts and she said,

“I love that all my colleagues are nice and easy to communicate with. Things here move fast; we get feedbacks fast as we improve fast, and this is a good challenge for me personally. The fact that I can work on a wide range of contents really fascinates me, and I enjoyed it 100%”.

As excited as Chenxi is to be with Sierra Experts, we are excited to have her. We can’t wait to see what Chenxi can accomplish here at Sierra as our Digital Marketing Specialist.