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Pittsburgh – A City of Many Names Turns 200
January 26, 2016

Pittsburgh – A City of Many Names Turns 200

Pittsburgh’s history is as rich and diverse as the landscape surrounding it. Pittsburgh has been aptly nicknamed the City of Bridges and Three Rivers as a tribute to the terrain the city grew around. It’s also been called Iron City, and later Steel City, for the industry that made it a powerhouse. This year, as Pittsburgh celebrates it bicentennial as a city, what future names will we call the ‘Burgh?

Originally, Pittsburgh was known as the Gateway to the West, as it served a vital role in early trade and travel along waterways. Pittsburgh connected the eastern cities to the Ohio and Mississippi Valleys, along with the Great Lakes region look at this website.

Later on, Pittsburgh dominated the steel industry, due to innovations by Andrew Carnegie. As the industry grew, Pittsburgh became the most efficient producer in the world. Steel remained centric to the region until around the 1980s.

In more recent days, Pittsburgh transitioned from manufacturing to an economy driven by health services, finance, education, and innovative technologies. Work in computer-related fields alone has grown at twice the national average in Pittsburgh over the past several years. In fact, in 2015, Money Magazine ranked Pittsburgh the number one Best Place to Live in the Northeast, crediting the town for its explosive growth in the field of technology. At Sierra w/o Wires, we like to think being headquartered in Pittsburgh is the right choice.

This March, Pittsburgh will have officially been a city for 200 years. As the city comes together for a yearlong celebration, perhaps it’s time to rename it Cyburgh.

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