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National Freelance Week
April 17, 2023

National Freelance Week

National Freelance Business Week takes place the third week of April every year; this year, it takes place from April 17-23. This special week is dedicated to bringing freelance businesses and owners together by exchanging thoughts and ideas while feeling like a part of a community. For those who don’t know, a freelancer provides services independently and is not associated with another company or employers for the long term; services are provided in a project-to-project basis.

In the early 19th century, the word ‘freelance’ first appeared in print in Thomas N. Brown’s “The Life and Times of Hugh Miller.” Prior to its new definition, mercenary soldiers who sold their services in the Middle Ages were originally referred to as ‘freelancers.’ The original meaning has a familiar parallel to its present-day meaning. Emily Leach, a freelance business advocate with 30 years in the industry, declared that every third week of April to be National Freelance Business Week. She has and continues to build the largest freelance community in the U.S. by uplifting and empowering communities of freelance workers.

Wondering how to become a freelancer? The first step is determining your niche; what are you good at naturally or what are you passionate about? Next, it’s about spreading word about these services, developing your reputation, and showcasing your work! No prior experience needed for this venture, simply learn what your passions are and how to capitalize on it!



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