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We offer no-nonsense security assessment and consulting services designed to help you protect your information.

How Sierra Can Help Better Secure your Systems

We understand the high costs that may be associated with a security breach, and our services are designed with your strict standards as our first priority. Also check out our predictive monitoring services and managed services offerings.

Vulnerability Assessments

We highly recommend a vulnerability assessment as a first step in improving security measures. Sierra can take an in-depth look at your current infrastructure and security platforms to let you know what you’re doing right, and also where weaknesses may lie.

Penetration Testing

Also called pen testing, a penetration test will simulate an attempt to exploit numerous weaknesses that may lie within your network. Penetration tests may also be repeated any time your systems change, and it’s often recommended to periodically test a network because technologies and attacks used to exploit them are always evolving.

Understanding Security Requirements

Sierra understands that many modern businesses often have strict security standards to maintain. To help ensure that your business is able to live up to those standards, Sierra offers consulting and design services to enhance your systems and software.

Systems Engineering Consulting

Need specialized assistance improving or planning a more secure network? Our engineering team has a deep understanding of current security platforms and we stay up-to-date with current risks and prevention methods.  We will work cooperatively with you to help you improve your systems to address tough security challenges.

Software Development Consulting

If you aren’t sure if your software is secure, or if you are in the early planning stages of a new software system, our team of experienced developers can help. Our team continually researches current threats and can help you improve the security of your applications.

Security Assessment and Consulting
Security Assessment and Consulting Features


  • Expert-level Senior Engineering Staff
  • Advanced Vulnerability Scans & Penetration Tests
  • Advanced Assessment Tools
  • Detailed and Summary-Level Reporting
  • Real Time Support from US-Based Staff

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