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A Better View of your Network

Knowing your network inside and out is as valuable as knowing where the gas pedal and steering wheel are when you’re driving a car. How is a company supposed to manage a network without a clear picture of the devices and infrastructure included? Understanding how to create a comprehensive network map generally requires specialized skills and software that is complicated to use. Sierra excels at network mapping, and we have experience with businesses of all size and function.

What’s Included with Sierra Network Mapping

Network mapping by Sierra is intended to give you a deeper understanding of your network to continually improve your environment.

Visual Mapping

Sierra will provide professional visual mapping of your network, provided in an easy to understand format.

Comprehensive Reporting

Get detailed information pertaining to your network, including device service (server roles, current functions), state of device (patching, updates, and more), IP information, and more.

Executive Level Reviews

Once you have a big-picture scope of your network, we provide executive level reviews to help you with the next steps in network environment improvement.

Network Mapping
Network Mapping Features


  • Professional quality mapping
  • Comprehensive reporting and reviews
  • Detailed information
  • Expanded views to even determine items you were unware of

More Information

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