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An affordable solution providing the security of offsite backup and recovery.

Why Choose Cloud Backup?

Cloud, or online, backup solutions have many of the benefits of offsite solutions, at a value. With a cloud solution, an encrypted copy of your data is safely sent to an offsite location for easy retrieval in case of an emergency.

Sierra’s Online Backup and Recovery Services

Sierra has extensive experience helping customers implement their online backup and recovery plan,
along with monitoring and management to ensure security and performance.

Cloud Backup Services

Regardless of how much data you need to backup, our platform can accommodate your needs while working with your budget.

Setup and Configuration

Not sure how frequently to back data up, or whether you need full backups or incremental? We can help you with the tough decisions. Once you’ve picked a solution, Sierra can handle the setup and configuration to ensure that everything works properly.


One of the best ways to make sure your backup and recovery solution is working as it should, is by monitoring it. Sierra’s monitoring solutions cover online backup and recovery to make sure everything continues running smoothly. See end-point monitoring for more details.


Changes to your plan, problem diagnosis and resolution, and updates take a significant portion of time, and can be complicated. Backup and disaster recovery management by Sierra means that you don’t need to hire specialized staff to maintain your solution.

Cloud Backup and Recovery
Cloud Backup and Recovery Features


  • Flexible pricing
  • Easily scalable to your business needs
  • 24/7/365 support, even on major holidays
  • Comprehensive reporting
  • Full or incremental backups
  • Backup at the frequency you feel comfortable with
  • Secure, encrypted data transfer
  • Quickly recover files when needed

More Information

Please see our FAQ page for additional information about our backup and disaster recovery solutions.

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