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Knowing the Risks of Cyber Security
November 26, 2015

Knowing the Risks of Cyber Security

Cyber Security is always a treat waiting around the corner, and Sierra wants you to be aware of the risks your business could face. Educating the public about the threats that could be imposed should a cyber incident occur is a must. With the world being as connected as it is today, we need to have the skills and knowledge to safely navigate the internet.

All businesses, big and small, face a number of cybersecurity challenges, like being the target of cybercriminals or having intellectual property stolen. Cybersecurity must become a priority for every business across all industries.

Cyber Security risks include infiltration of information such as company assets, employee and customer information, confidential company data, etc. Companies need to have in place cyber risk management plans to prevent any harmful doing to their valuable information. The best way to do so is through a process known as penetration testing. Penetration testing is a software attack on a system that looks for security flaws, and potentially gaining access to that systems data. This test can help determine if a company’s system was vulnerable to an attack, if there were proper barricades in place that could defend the attack, and determine what defenses need to be implemented should the attack be successful.

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