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Incident Management: What Is It & Why Does It Matter?
May 23, 2018

Incident Management: What Is It & Why Does It Matter?

Incident Management is the process of thoroughly recording an event to quicken the problem-solving time in future instances of that event, ensure customer satisfaction, and to overall increase productivity. In most cases, such as ours, Incident Management is used in Information Technology environment to get, and keep, a handle on IT service management problems. However, any organization can benefit from detailed records about incidents that occur and how they were successfully solved.

What Are The Benefits Of Incident Management?

  1. Ensuring customer/end-user satisfaction by allowing easy ticket submission which leads to quick problem-solving
  2. Higher efficiency and productivity throughout your organization
  3. Proper documentation in case of a liability
  4. Creating a culture of trust and transparency for your customers/end-users with thorough explanations of work completed
  5. Simplifying new employee and cross-training processes by having documented instances of past work

Sierra Incident Manager (SIM)

What is Sierra Incident Manager (SIM)? SIM is a web-based application that allows any organization and easily and securely track projects, customers, assets, and information with built in workflow automation to improve customer service all while reducing support costs.

It can increase productivity in IT teams, HR, retail, enterprises, and various other industries. We designed SIM for businesses that requires any or all of the following:

  • Internal knowledge archives
  • Time and materials billing
  • Accounting and purchasing functions
  • Scheduled work order, incident, or trouble tickets
  • Customer or internal facing reporting

Why Should You Pick SIM As Your Company’s Incident Management System?

  • Ease of use – SIM is designed to be intuitive and easy to start using. You can access SIM through any device with an Internet connection, meaning no frustrating installation process. With SIM’s clean interface and simple navigation, your team will be able to hit the ground running.
  • Comprehensive Service – With SIM, your team can easily track projects, assets, productivity, and labor hours, all with full search and reporting capabilities. Manage user and customer access, store contact information, aid in invoicing, and manage quotes all in one place.
  • Expert Support – At Sierra, we trust SIM so much that we use it internally. Also, we are constantly improving the application by adding great new features. Sierra offers are customers the same expert support or employees receive 24/7/365.
  • Affordable Solution – Sierra offers SIM at a price that affordable for any business. Flexible packages are available to accommodate organizations of any size, from 5 licensed users to over 100,000 or more. We are in a class of our own regarding quality and price.

Try A Demo Of SIM For Free!

If SIM and all its features sounds like something that might benefit your organization, request a free demo here or learn more at www.SierraIncidentManager.com.  

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