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Flip Phones are Back in Style!
August 28, 2023

Flip Phones are Back in Style!

Flip phones have made a comeback due to a mix of unique design, nostalgia, and the desire for digital detox; people appreciate the capability of disconnecting from constant notifications. Notable companies have unveiled recent devices that take a modern approach to a classic design.

No matter is you’re looking to cut down screen time or would like a more portable and compact phone, flip phones make it easier than ever to stay connected. New models bring the best of both worlds, with touchscreen capabilities, HD cameras, and app usages.

Samsung recently announced their take on modern flip phones, the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5, which is going to be released on Aug. 11, 2023. It is currently available to be pre-ordered and it one of the most anticipated purchases of 2023. Featuring upgraded tech and sleek design, the foldable model makes it easy to store photos and videos. It also comes in eight colors to choose from!

Many new ‘flippable’ phones have cover screens that give a basic notification rundown without the need of fully unlocking your phone nor a smart watch. With all these features and the nostalgic factors at play, these flip phones run you almost two grand. Advertisements for these devices are poised to take on a more mainstream appeal since they cost about the same as standard flagship phones.

With all these details in mind, the ‘flippables’ market is going to stir some unbelievable competition. Flip-style phones are fully reaching their potential and are receiving well deserved attention.



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