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Five Ways Technology Can Help You This Thanksgiving
November 22, 2021

Five Ways Technology Can Help You This Thanksgiving

You might be wondering what technology can possibly have to do with Thanksgiving. Using technology might not be the first thought when prepping and preparing for your turkey day feast, but it a more valuable part of your day than you think. Here are five ways that technology can help you this Thanksgiving.


1. Cooking and Meal Prepping Apps:

Prep starts from the moment you hit up the grocery store till the time you take out that last pumpkin pie from the oven. There is a lot that goes into one gigantic meal that you share with your family and extended family one day a year. We get it, grandma was able to cook, clean, prep, and grocery shop without the fancy technology we have today, but if the option is there why not use it?

From grocery shopping lists to recipe ideas, here are a list of free apps that will help you this Thanksgiving:

    • Instacart– grocery shopping made simple. It is the fast and easy way to shop that allows you to focus your time on other forms of prep.
    • Pinterest– get the perfect table scape that will impress your friends and family. Not to mention this is the best app for cocktail recipes, appetizer ideas, and all things festive.
    • Food Network in the Kitchen– explore thousands of new recipes, cook with your favorite chefs, or even stream that Thanksgiving Rachel Ray special you missed.
    • AnyList- helps you organize your personal recipes and allows you to easily add recipes from other sources, like email messages and popular websites and blogs. It’s the ultimate organization tool for your recipes.
    • Butterball Cookbook Plus- this is basically the Butterball hotline with more bells and whistles. There are steps on defrosting, portion sizing, cooking, and more.
    • Spotify– having the right playlist makes all the difference. From prep to dessert, create the perfect Thanksgiving playlist for your entire day.


2. Video Calling Services:

With the way the past year went, we learned that even at a distance we can still be present. With video calling services like FaceTime, Zoom, and Skype (just to name a few), we can share the joy of the holidays with our friends and family even if they can’t be fully with us.


3. Electric Carving Knives:

Some people really enjoy cutting the turkey the old-fashioned way, and there is nothing wrong with that. However, if you wish to avoid hearing F bombs from your family members, this might be the best route to take this Thanksgiving.

Here are some of the best electric cutting knives based on customer reviews. We linked them here:


4. Fire Stick, DVR, TiVo, or any other TV solution:

One of the most important parts of the day is being stuffed to the brim and turning on some football. It is wise to have the best connection to watch all the games with ease. If you don’t have cable, check out options like the Fire Stick, Roku, or other streaming platforms so you and your guests aren’t disappointed by the lack of touchdowns you’re seeing.


5. Tech Support Brought to you by the Goodness of Our Hearts:

We will never escape the fact that our technologically disinclined relatives will always need a hand with their computer, smartphone, or digital camera. It can be annoying at times, but this Thanksgiving, remember that we do it because we love them!


BONUS Technology Thanksgiving Tip:

Enjoy Black Friday Deals from the comfort of your own home. Most retailers carry out their deals throughout the weekend. You will be able to view most of the deals online before Friday as well. That way you can get in a virtual line (that some retailers offer) instead of lining up for hours on end to grab a TV that will most likely have a similar version available to you on Cyber Monday.