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Fired for Failing A Phishing Test?
March 9, 2020

Fired for Failing A Phishing Test?

Your email is probably open all day at work. You might even be using it during the hours you aren’t at the office. Email is where much of our business takes place now. This makes it a perfect platform for scams. While it is rare to be fired for opening a phishing test email, it does happen. However, even the threat of serious consequences can be counterproductive to the education about Phishing in the workplace.

What is Phishing?

Phishing is a cyber-attack where the hacker uses email as a weapon to try and obtain sensitive information. This personal information could be things like passwords or credit card details. The way scammers achieve this is by making the email look like it comes from a reputable company. They usually pretend to be real companies or real people who you actually interact with. Often the messaging can be alarming and convincing, trying to get you to take immediate action. This sense of urgency often ensures that you don’t take enough time to think through the legitimacy of the claim or the consequences of providing such important personal details.

What is a Phishing Test?

A phishing test is when your company sends a fake phishing email to you on purpose to see if you click on it and would fall victim to an actually phishing scam.

How to Handle Phishing Tests?

It should be about learning! Phishing tests are just one way to educate your employees about phishing scams and it should be treated that way. Phishing tests should always be followed by training that lets the employees learn what to look out for and what the dangers are. Harsh consequences can create an environment of fear and defiance instead of a better understanding of security.

tips for spotting phishing

Tips for Spotting Phishing

  1. Catchy Subject Lines.
  2. Email addresses that are off.
  3. Requests personal info or money.
  4. Weird grammar or typos.
  5. Suspicious links.
  6. Unexpected attachments.
  7. Messaging that makes you panic.

How Sierra Can Help

Here at Sierra Experts, we can help businesses of all sizes proactively monitor their network, we can add additional layers of security, so you don’t have to worry about employees falling victim to actual phishing. To learn more about how Sierra can keep your business secure, give us a call at 844.750.4170 or send us an email at Sales@SierraExperts.Com