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February was Full of Fantastic News
February 26, 2020

February was Full of Fantastic News

We are excited to have so many announcements in February we decided they need their own blog. First off, we have expanded the sales team! Michael and Mark will be working with customers to identify your needs and find the perfect solution. Their respective backgrounds in IT ensure that they understand the challenges you face and can make the right recommendation. We are also excited to announce we have introduced a brand-new service. IT Forensics is necessary for so many different industries and situations. We are proud to now be able to provide it. Finally, we finished the renovations at our office this February! After months of blood sweat and tears, it looks awesome and we are so excited for everyone to come and see it.

The Team

The Team

Michael Finch

Education: Master of Business Administration from Carnegie Mellon University.

Favorite Food: Smoked Meats

Favorite Sports Team: Phillies


Mark Sokolowski

Education: Bachelor of Economics/ Business Management from University of Pittsburgh. Studying toward PMP Professional. 

IT Industry Experience: Over 10 years’ experience in IT roles from support, admin, project managing

Favorite Food: Buffalo Chicken Wings

Favorite Sports Team: Pittsburgh Penguins

Favorite Hobby: Real Estate

IT forensics

Our New Service

IT Forensics and Security Auditing.

Sierra Experts is excited to announce our newest arrival! Expanding on our existing Security Assessments and Penetration Testing (Red Team), IT Forensic Analysis is now part of our breathe of services. IT Forensic Analysis is utilized in a variety of sensitive matters, including fraud investigation, HR violations, electronic evidence collection, litigation matters, intellectual property theft, cybercrime, data recovery, corporate espionage and more. Give us a call at 412.722.0707 or send us an email at Sales@SierraExperts.com to learn more.


The Office

photos of the office