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FBI Warning About Public Charging Stations
May 22, 2023

FBI Warning About Public Charging Stations

A recent alert from the FBI warns individuals of potential threats while using free public charging stations. Apparently, hijackers have infected public chargers with various malware; malware is a software that can give hackers access to your devices, including phones, tablets, or computers.

In 2021, the Federal Communications Commission warned the public about “juice jacking”; a similar warning is similar to the recent FBI alert. “Juice jacking” refers to the occurrence of connecting a personal device with a compromised USB cable that can siphon off usernames and passwords to all accounts on the device.

The FBI suggests using your own charger or USB cord in an electrical outlet instead. For our reader’s convenience, we’ve included a list of today’s top charging solutions to use when you’re away from home!

  1. Anker PowerCore 13000 – $39.99 on Amazon
  2. Belkin Magnetic Wireless Power Bank 5K – $49.00 on Belkin’s Website
  3. Baseus Power Bank 65W – $59.99 on Amazon
  4. Otterbox Otterspot – $69.96 on Otterbox Website
  5. Eggtronic Power Bank (best for tablets) – $68.88 on Amazon
  6. Goal Zero Sherpa 100 AC (best for laptops) – $149.99 on Amazon

Of course, never forget to fully charge your devices before you leave your home. If you’re in a rush, consider one of the options above!



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