Some of the benefits of email marketing are:

1. It’s marketing with a wide reach that can be done for free!
Depending on your desired list size and campaign frequency, email marketing services, such as MailChimp, will allow you to send campaigns for free.

2. Email marketing tools provide valuable analytics.
Many email marketing tools offer powerful analytics that allow you to see what people from your list have expressed an interest in by providing information on link clicks.

3. It’s an unobtrusive way to build brand awareness and trust.
Sending an email campaign is much less obtrusive than inundating your customers with phone calls or direct mail. Just make sure you include an unsubscribe link to allow recipients to easily opt out of your emails and reduce the potential for customer frustration.

4. You can get your message out fast.
Many people check their email multiple times a day. Sending an email campaign, versus a mail campaign, allows people to see your message that same day from anywhere and simply click through to linked relevant content.

5. You can use your website to grow your contact list.
By adding a ‘Sign Up for Our Mailing List’ or similar form to your website, you can grow your customer reach and keep track of potential leads.

Your business can use MailChimp, Constant Contact, or another email marketing service to get started with its first email marketing campaign. At Sierra, we are fully equipped to design and develop email marketing campaigns branded to your business, as well as set up “Sign Up for Our Mailing List” forms on your business’s website. Contact us today at 412-722-0707 or to learn more about our email marketing services. To learn more about Sierra w/o Wires, visit