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Do You Know What Industries Sierra Serves?
June 3, 2015

Do You Know What Industries Sierra Serves?

Do you know what industries the Sierra companies serve? We can guarantee there are about 25 you never would image that are taking place in businesses all around you. Have you ever stayed at a hotel and connected to their Wi-Fi, or get an awesome new hairstyle? We were probably behind the scenes. Ever known someone under a biometric house arrest or have seen police lights in your review view mirror (smile and slow down)… Yes, we will almost guarantee we were there too! Medicaid billing solutions… Have you ever known someone who has had a bone scan at the hospital, ever had eye exam or know of anyone that has had brain surgery? You guessed it, Sierra was there. Ever gone to school, or needed a lawyer …need we say more? … Instead of replacing industrial oil, hey we are behind the scenes filtering and reusing it! Ever wondered how tractor trailers are always so coordinated in destination management, or have you ever seen a cool robot cruising down a hall or carrying a pallet? Ever do something as daily as completing an electronic bank deposit or tried to figure out what happens to your old tires…football fields anyone? Have you visited a Halloween spook house or if you are from PA, you know where you buy wine…right? And ooohh the pretty flowers, it’s so great to see millions in one location! My back hurts – fixed with our help! Honey – did you remember to get the propane tank filled? Encourage your local blood drives – save lives! Ever buy a house? Like a good neighbor… Young Man keep your feet on the ground… and on top of all that Sierra has the most bandwidth in Pittsburgh going through our data center!

Think you have not worked with Sierra? We will bet you a free month of server management that you see us in your everyday life behind the scenes.

Sierra w/o Wires, Inc. is an IT Managed Service and Support provider, specializing in remote monitoring and remote management of computing systems, cloud/virtual systems hosting, VoIP/SIP PBX trunks and solutions, physical server hosting, software development and hardware and software reselling.