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How do I Pick the Right Website Hosting Solution?

Options are abundant with website hosting. Not all solutions are created equal, though.

Your business website needs to be fast. Visitors to your website will navigate away from your page if it doesn’t load quickly. Having a slow website reflects poorly on your company’s reputation, as well.

Even worse, you could lose money for every minute that your website goes down.

Get website hosting that was built for business. Sierra offers fast, reliable website hosting that scales with your usage.

Website Hosting Services

Sierra offers one of the best choices in website hosting:

Linux-Based Website Hosting

Sierra provides fast and reliable Linux-based website hosting. Linux is the preferred operating system for most websites with a CMS, such as WordPress, along with websites utilizing PHP, Perl, and more. Our Linux-based hosting is fast, secure, and affordable.

Windows-Based Website Hosting

For websites utilizing a .NET framework, or operating with a SQL backend, Windows-based website hosting is recommended. Sierra provides excellent Windows-based options, featuring impressive uptime metrics, security, and speed.

Hosting that Scales with Your Business

Generic website hosting can leave you wondering why your website crashes every time you get a few visitors. This can be damaging to your company’s reputation, along with reducing possible sale opportunities.

Avoid website outages due to a lack of bandwidth. Website hosting with Sierra scales with your usage, allowing your website to have as much traffic as your business supports. Sierra’s metered usage website hosting plans also boast an impressive 99.97% uptime.

Database Engines Available

If your company website is database driven, SQL and NoSQL database backing is available. Sierra provides expert configuration support for SQL relational database systems, such as Microsoft SQL Server and MySQL, as well as NoSQL databases such as MongoDB and CouchDB.

Hosting for Any Type of Website

Whether your business requires hosting for a simple WordPress website, or a complex eCommerce website, Sierra has you covered. Sierra works with businesses of all size and function, always ensuring the best speed, reliability, and security.

Website Monitoring and Management

To fully ensure that your website remains secure and functional, Sierra offers website monitoring supported by our team of expert engineers. Sierra can monitor a variety of statuses and activities, at a great price.

Also take a look at Website Management and Updating for more information about our website management options.

Hosting Services
Hosting Features


  • 99.997% uptime
  • Metered usage
  • Linux and Windows available
  • Expert 24/7/365 support available

More Information

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