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Best Twitter Alternatives
July 24, 2023

Best Twitter Alternatives

Twitter has recently introduced many stipulations that adds constraints to users’ experiences. Common user complaints include the 600 tweet read limit, poor algorithm that doesn’t match user preferences, subscription based services, and more. Many have decided to test new waters and inevitably switch from Twitter.

For our readers’ convenience, we’ve compounded a list of the best Twitter substitutes that will provide users with possibly even better experiences.

  1. Mastodon – This is a decentralized, open-source microblogging platform. This platform connects users and communities through interests and locations. Similar to Twitter, users can see content in a timeline format and can easily search for content through hashtags or individual profiles. One of the biggest pros to Mastodon is that there aren’t any ads nor sponsored content.
  2. BlueSky – Despite this platform being in the beta stage, it already has over 100,000 users. BlueSky is another decentralized network built along the lines of Twitter thanks the primary developer, former Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey. This platform is the closest Twitter experience you’ll get without signing into Twitter!
  3. Reddit – We’ve all heard of Reddit; this is more of a community based forum than a social media site. Reddit has more than 50 million daily active users, allowing it to have the highest potential to absorb fleeing Twitter users. Twitter and Reddit are fundamentally different and it’s hard to compare the two based off of functionality; Twitter prioritizes building your profile by posting interesting content while Reddit focuses on conversational topics and community.
  4. Threads – Mentioned in a previous blog, Threads is a new app created by Instagram. Threads automatically connects Instagram accounts to a text-based timeline. It allows users to connect with their established community while connecting with new ones. This platform has no limits and is entirely free. While the timeline is centered on text posting, users have the capability to post pictures and videos as well!

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