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Best Careers in STEM | Sierra Experts
November 16, 2022

Best Careers in STEM | Sierra Experts

STEM is a collective field that has become the hottest is the past decade. For those who don’t know, STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. STEM is a career field that is very competitive, with challenges and new technologies are discovered on the daily basis. But finding a career in these field also means that you are on the path to a job that is the highest paying in the market, off-the-top career development, and many other perks compare to traditional fields. So, what STEM careers are in demand? Here are 10 career paths that are highly promising in STEM field, ranking from highest average annual salary and down.


Network architect

Network architects are professionals who are responsible for computer networks. They often design and build networks’ infrastructure and can be asked to perform support and troubleshooting tasks. Network architects work in a variety of settings and industries. Anywhere a network is needed building and maintaining, you bet network architects are needed. For this role, a bachelor’s degree in computer science, information technology, information system or related field is a must. But consider the high average annual salary, this is no doubt one of the best STEM careers.

Median Annual Salary: $136,251


Network security engineer

Network security engineers are responsible for integrating and managing the security of a company’s computer systems and networks. These engineers plan and implement a variety of security measures to protect networks from cyber-attacks, hackers, intrusion, natural disasters, infiltration and other risks and threats to a computer system. Additionally, network security engineers may also find ways to reduce and mitigate security risks. This is another career in the STEM field that pays six-figures on average on a yearly basis.

Median Annual Salary: $115,349



Actuaries analyze the financial costs of risk and uncertainty for businesses. Mathematics, statistics, and financial theory are skills that used on a daily basis of the role. Actuaries assess the risk of potential events and help businesses to develop policies that minimize the cost of risks. Jobs for actuaries are growing faster each year, and their average annual salary is over $100,000. A bachelor’s degree in actuarial science, statistics, or a related field is sufficient for entry-level positions.

Median Annual Salary: $101,560


Software Developer

Software developer is one of the hottest careers in STEM field. General responsibilities of Software developers include design, program, build, deploy and maintain software using many different skills and tools. They also help build software systems that power networks and devices and ensure that those systems remain functional. It is one of the fastest growing positions in the 21st century, and this boom is due to the increasing need for software applications, especially for mobile devices. For software developers, merely a bachelor’s degree is needed. Anything in computer science or software engineering is sufficient for entry-level positions.

Median Annual Salary: $103,560


Data Scientist 

Data scientist is a profession requires to draw upon different skills to perform required functions. Skills include mathematics, information technology, statistics, industry knowledge and socio-economic theory to make sense of complex information and influence leaders in developing meaningful business solutions. It is a position needed in many different industries, and depend on industry, the type of data that data scientists are working with could be quite different, therefore the industry knowledge is valued heavily for this position. Although a bachelor’s degree in mathematics, statistics or data analysis can land a position as data scientist, many company do prefer candidates to obtain either an advanced degree or abundant of industry experience. 

Median Annual Salary: $98,230


Information Security Analysts

Information security analysts earn a solid six-figure average annual wage. These professionals are responsible for protecting information in an organization’s computer systems from data breaches and cyberattacks. These jobs are in demand, thanks to growing concerns over hacking, identity theft, and other cybersecurity risks. For this position, a bachelor’s degree in computer science, information assurance, or programming is a must. Prior experience in the tech field is also helpful.

Median Annual Salary: $ 103,590


Computer Systems Analyst

One of the best STEM jobs in the technology field. Bringing in a good amount average annual salary and a fast growing-rate. What do computer systems analysts do? These professionals analyze an organization’s technology usage and goals and recommend improvement strategies. To be qualified for a career in computer systems analysts, many companies require a minimum of a bachelor’s degree in computer science or information technology, and some even prefer candidates with more advanced degrees such as masters or MBAs.

Median Annual Salary: $88,270


Database Administrator

Database administrator, or DBA, is another of the best STEM jobs in the technology field. These professionals store, organize, and secure information in a computer database. As more and more information has been collected online, and a variety of industries has become increasingly reliant on data to make business decisions, it is essential for these businesses to hire talents as database administrators to secure their data infrastructure. A bachelor’s degree in computer science or information science can qualify a candidate for positions such as systems DBAs or application DBAs.

Median Annual Salary: $87,020


Mechanical Engineer

When comes to the field of engineering, mechanical engineer is one of the high-paying position with a stable growth rate. The responsibilities of this position involve designing, building, and testing mechanical devices, including thermal sensors, air-conditioning systems, electric generators, internal combustion engines, and the like. There are different types of mechanical engineers, including auto research engineers, heating and cooling systems engineers, and robotic engineers, for example. For an entry-level mechanical engineering job, a minimum of a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering or mechanical engineering technology is required.

Median Annual Salary: $85,880


Civil Engineer

Many of the best STEM jobs are in engineering, and the job of a civil engineer is no exception. Civil engineers are responsible for designing and executing projects involving public and private infrastructure, including roads, bridges, tunnels, buildings, and more. Positions for civil engineers are at a fast growing-rate due to the continuously growing population and the increased demand for sustainable structures. The minimum requirement to enter this career path is to obtain a bachelor’s degree in civil engineering or civil engineering technology, for certain projects, a even more advanced degree will be required before hiring.

Median Annual Salary: $84,770


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