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Are You on MeWe?
January 27, 2021

Are You on MeWe?

MeWe is currently the No.1 downloaded social app and the No. 3 overall downloaded app in the Google Play Store. This new social media site added 2.5 million new users in just the last week! Let’s talk about what MeWe is and if your business needs to be on it.

What is MeWe?

MeWe is a social networking site that honestly looks a lot like Facebook. You have a profile, can connect with friends, and see what they post in a timeline on your feed. There are no character limits like Twitter, it doesn’t require a photo like Instagram, and you don’t have to add a sound like TikTok.

However, they have actually positioned themselves as the “anti-Facebook.” They focus on privacy first and promise not to sell your information. Unlike most social media they do not have any ads. They make their money by optional premium features users can pay for. 

Why are people leaving Social Media Giants?

The answer to this question may be pretty obvious. The social media giants have faced a lot of criticism over the past few years. Concerns have increased about privacy violation, surveillance capitalism, and selective censorship by these companies. However, social media has become such a large part of our life it may be too late for many of us to separate ourselves entirely.


Will It Be the New Facebook?

It has a long way to go before we can make claims like that. MeWe currently has about 15.5 million members and half of them are outside of North America. For reference Facebook has 2.7 Billion members and 223 Million of them are in the US.

While MeWe has potential to compete with Facebook for users, I think it will be some time before that happens. Most people are aware that social media platforms use their information and try to sell them stuff. For the majority of social media users, the benefits they get from their established platforms still outweigh the negatives. While people may be more vocal about their concerns, we don’t see people abandoning these platforms in large numbers yet.

Does It Have Business Pages?

Yes! MeWe does have specific pages you can set up for your business. They are one of the “premium extras” that you have to pay for. Right now, the subscription for a business page is $1.99 a month. The setup of the page looks very similar to a Facebook Business Page.

Should You Adjust Your Digital Marketing Strategy?

Probably not yet. If your marketing strategy is not heavily focused on social media marketing currently you might not have the time to add another platform to the mix right now.  With 50% of MeWe’s audience being outside of the US, it is likely you do not have a huge customer base on there. Also, with the absence of advertising it solely relies on a strong organic content strategy. Although the current subscription cost is relatively low it still may not be worth it right now. We definitely recommend keeping your eye on MeWe, and other social platforms that rebel against the ongoing censorship by large tech companies.  

If you need assistance with your digital marketing strategy or social media management give the experts at Sierra a call! We will be happy to help you reach your customers where they spend their time online.