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6 Creative VoIP Uses, That You’ll Actually Use
October 18, 2016

6 Creative VoIP Uses, That You’ll Actually Use

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is changing the way businesses handle communication everywhere. Along with saving tons on your phone bill, VoIP gives you access to features unheard of with traditional phone lines. Businesses already using VoIP for communications are probably well-aware of the numerous practical benefits, but what about some of the more creative uses for the service?

Read your voicemail

You’re busy; we understand. That’s probably why you couldn’t take a call. Sometimes it’s quicker and easier to read a message than hear it. VoIP can transcribe your voicemail into text format, and send it directly to your email address. If you’re already on an important call, you can read voicemail you’ve received without hanging up the phone. You can also use this feature to send a copy of a voicemail you received to anyone.

Work anywhere, anytime

VoIP services allow you team to work from home or while travelling, without customers needing to call a separate phone number. All you need is an internet connection to keep your business phone number anywhere. You can even use a softphone on your computer to send and receive calls. You can even have business calls follow you on your cell phone.

Schedule a wake up call

Do you have an early morning meeting coming up? With VoIP, you can use a third party app, like Skype, to schedule a wake up call. This is particularly handy if you have a hard time remembering to change your alarm for special occasions. You can also schedule tasks any time of the day, so that your phone will ring to remind you.

Record a podcast

VoIP services make recording interviews easy. Many VoIP providers include call recording as a feature, but third party applications are also available. Record directly from your phone. Then, all you have to do is edit the recording, and publish. Call recording is also useful when retaining accurate records is important.

One number, many phones

When a customer calls a specific phone number, every phone number in a department can ring, with VoIP. Make sure that no calls are missed, and customers don’t wait on the line very long. Any number in a group can also have direct phone numbers, so calling a specific person is simple.

Webinars and conference calls

Nobody likes being limited. VoIP, along with third party applications like Skype, let you host a webinar with as many participants as you want. Conference calls can be set up internally, and can accommodate unlimited participants, as well.

This is only a small segment of what you can do with VoIP. VoIP is also easy to setup, requires little to no capital expense, and is more affordable overall.

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