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5 Jobs You Can Get “In The Cloud”
March 9, 2018

5 Jobs You Can Get “In The Cloud”

Forbes posted an article detailing that cloud computing is projected to increase from $67B in 2015 to $162B in 2020. With an increase in sales and revenue comes an increasing need for qualified professionals to take on the task of designing, managing, developing, testing, and selling these new virtualization platforms.

Below are 5 examples of jobs that have been invented with the implementation of cloud computing into the IT world.

1. Cloud Architect

As with everything else, somebody needs to oversee the implementation of any plan or strategy. A cloud architect leads the development and implementation of cloud-based initiatives to ensure that systems are scalable, reliable, and secure all while keeping the business’ budgetary and performance goals in mind. That being said, it’s absolutely pertinent that the cloud architect has a deep understanding of cloud computing technology. After all, you can’t really know the best possible implementation strategy if you don’t understand what you’re implementing.

2. Cloud Security Engineer 

Much like a cloud architect, a cloud security engineer will play a role in the implementation and maintenance of these cloud-based initiatives. However, the cloud security engineer focuses more on creating a secure virtual environment. These engineers define, develop, and implement cloud security standards. Within this role, you can be expected to complete vulnerability scans, detect intrusions, respond to incidents, and make security risk assessments. To apply for this job, it would be helpful for you to have a degree in computer forensics and various security certifications.

3. Cloud Services Developer

These are the people that make things happen. Once the cloud-based environments are planned to a T, the developers design and build the multi-platforms customer-facing tools that serve as the gateway into how end users consume underlying cloud services. Sales interfaces and management portals such as Salesforce are built by cloud services developers. To be considered for this position, you’ll have to have a strong understanding of code which includes: PHP, Python, Java, C++, and so on. A cloud services developer is expected to think logically in terms of understanding requirements and applying them effectively.

4. Cloud Systems Administrator

Once the cloud-based environment is created, the cloud systems administrator is there to configure and fine tune the systems. The administrators act as both a proactive and reactive resource by planning for future cloud capacity requirements while also troubleshooting any existing issues. These people will often create patches when ransomware rears its ugly head.

5. Cloud Platform Sales Representative

What’s any product without someone to market and sell it? Sales representatives of all kinds share a similar goal: sell a product or service. However, a cloud platform sales representative is expected to have a solid understanding of IT and the cloud. The sales rep will have to be capable of grasping the client’s business and technical requirements in order to fit them with an appropriate cloud-based solution. Many people with a technical background that enjoy working with others may take on a technology sales role such as this one.


Just like in all fields of work, many of these jobs can overlap or be combined into one job. They all have one thing in common and it’s that you will be working in, on, and around the cloud. Here at Sierra, we employ various cloud professionals such as those listed above to help our clients successfully create, deploy, and manage cloud-based environments.

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