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3 Silly Myths About “Digital Marketing” (From Non-Marketers)
July 18, 2019

3 Silly Myths About “Digital Marketing” (From Non-Marketers)

We, as marketers, get all sorts of responses when we begin discussing the absolute need for the investment (time and money) in digital marketing. Of course, we understand the confusion around topics like: tracking data metrics, the bidding process of programmatic advertising, and what the heck is a CTA? It can definitely be complicated. We also understand that not everyone sees the value in these marketing tactics when they can get business from other traditional forms of marketing like radio, print ads, and simply picking up the phone!

But hear me out… If you want to stop your competitors from taking your potential business, it’s pertinent to realize that some of the “reasons” why you say you don’t need digital marketing sound downright silly.


1. “Google Analytics doesn’t bring me actual leads, so I don’t need to worry about using that.”

This is #1 for a reason. I hear this more than you can imagine, and I hear it with confidence and valiance at that. So, let me ask you this, if you say you don’t NEED to use analytics to bring in leads, then why ask your current customers for referrals? Why figure out who to call first before you start smiling and dialing? Why attend an industry-specific networking event in an attempt to pass out your business cards?

These are all using the same intelligence as Google Analytics but on a MUCH SMALLER scale. Wouldn’t you love to be able to see pages and pages of data on who is a fan of your industry, actively interested in your products, and could possibly be teetering on the edge of filling out a contact form?

This data shows you the people that are most likely to reach out to you without you making contact first. A certified marketer would be able to pull this information daily, or even hourly, to help you identify the best plan of action for targeting new prospects. Without it, you are simply wasting time and effort.


2. “We tried running online ads once, and it didn’t work for us, so there’s no need to try again.”

Have you ever hired a general contractor to fix something around your house and they just couldn’t get the job right EVEN after several attempts? Did you just give up on the project OR did you find somebody else who could successfully get the job done?

This is the same scenario.

Whenever you think that digital marketing tactics won’t work, remember that your audience is ALWAYS online. They are on Google, social media, the local newspaper websites, and they may even be on your website. It’s not the tactic that doesn’t work; it’s very likely the controller that’s failing you.

Just because one marketer couldn’t get the targeting or creative content correct, doesn’t mean it’s impossible. There are so many levels of competency with running digital ad campaigns. You want to make sure that whoever you’re hiring is certified, experienced longer than a few months, and will share with you their past success stories before running your ads.


3. “We don’t know/aren’t sure if our digital marketing is working or not, but we trust the agency knows what they are doing.”

I understand, and appreciate, that you are willing to wait to see results. After all, that’s the way marketing works. There’s an initial “ramp up period” where we optimize and tweak to ensure the best targeting.  Yet, actively investing into digital marketing (which is most likely thousands of dollars per month), without being clear on whether or not it’s working, is just a waste.

Agencies carry some of the best and brightest in their field, and they usually have to undergo rigorous training and certifications to be hired. However, you can get lost in the mix of many other advertisers that are paying for their expertise and miss that one-on-one attention that you’re paying for. This communication is important to not only see results, but to also understand them. You should always have a clear understanding of the digital marketing activities that are being performed, what is being produced, and how your business is benefiting from it.


If you’ve personally heard these statements or are guilty of feeling this way, it’s completely okay. Hopefully however, I’ve created a shift in your beliefs and you now understand that these are only myths. None of these points are legitimate reasons to stop yourself from becoming successful with digital marketing. With that said, I wish you luck in your next ad campaign and if you need help, I’m here to chat!

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