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2023 Tech Updates in the MLB
May 15, 2023

2023 Tech Updates in the MLB

With the 2023 MLB season now in full swing, we have all noticed new technology updates that impact the flow of the game and audience experience. Chris Marinak, the league’s chief operations and strategy officer, shared the changes prior to the start of the 2023 season; these initiatives are set forth in order to increase fan engagement and improve viewing experiences.

The 2023 MLB season updates and technologies are included below:

  1. Pitch Clock Telecom

Umpiring crews are new equipped with a belt pack that permits a streamlined enforcement and coordination of new pitch clock rules. The belt pack made by Reidel will buzz when the timer reaches zero. The crew will also wear a wrist band that provides haptic notification when the pitch clock expires as well. When the new method was originally tested during spring training, it was reported that game times decreased by 26 minutes.

  1. New Bat Tracking in Statcast

Five operated cameras are now able to capture the motion of the hitter’s swing; recently upgraded with the capabilities of shooting 300 frames per second, the system shows new possibilities of hitter data. This data includes swing speed, attack angle and squared-up rate. While the MLB upgraded their tracking data prior to the 2020 season, this new update shows major differences. Before, the five cameras had the capability of shooting 100 frames per second, a far cry from the 300 frames per second capability we’re seeing this season.

  1. Minor League Streaming in MLB.tv

MLB.tv has recently added minor league streaming to their subscribers. The MLB is ensuring coverage for Double A, Triple A, High-A and Single-A contests are all covered; through partnering with local broadcast companies, MLB.tv’s new option is an all-encompassing and comprehensive package.

Which of these changes have you noticed so far this season? Do you think the changes are improving game flow and audience experience?