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July 5, 2015

USG Insurance Services, Inc.

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Before working with Sierra, USG Insurance Services’ VoIP provider left a lot to be desired as far as being an effective workable solution for us.  The provider’s system had many roadblocks and held USG back with these roadblocks.

The cost savings was the main reason I found myself initially interested in Sierra’s VoIP services. Since switching, our annual savings is over $12,000. Also, USG’s VoIP communications improved tremendously right after we implemented the system and switched to Sierra. Many gains were quickly realized and utilized with the new Sierra VoIP Services.

With the new system, USG has been able to have a central corporate receptionist that now answers the calls for all USG offices nationwide, and can seamlessly transfer calls to the correct department or USG office.  This scenario fits well with USG’s realignment to a centralized facility in Pittsburgh for the services it offers, while transitioning the other offices to sales offices. This has been USG’s intent and focus for the last five years. The new system helped USG move the phone services it provides to the new centralized concept quicker and easier.

Another new feature that USG benefitted from is the use of a software client and headsets to manage a user’s calls, availability, and remote access to the phone system. This enabled remote offices and in-network offices via the Internet, using a headset and no physical telephone.  This helped USG open new offices quicker and easier because all the office needed was an Internet connection, PCs, and headsets to have VoIP services instantly available. This also helped the telecommuter employees have access to their calls and the system from their home offices via the Internet. There are other features within call conferences that are extremely impressive and non-existent in the VoIP system USG was using prior to Sierra.  There are so many gains that the list can go on and on.

With Sierra, I feel as if USG receives more personalized attention and service to meet our needs. USG has been completely impressed and pleased with the costs of Sierra’s VoIP services, the features and functionality, and the help in streamlining and improving our telephony by switching from another VoIP provider. I would gladly recommend Sierra to any company seeking quality VoIP services.

Gregg G., Chief Technology Officer
USG Insurance Services, Inc.