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Sierra PBX Features

Our PBX solutions include robust features such as management tools, remote access, call routing tools, and more.


Management Interface

Extendable web-based administration console and user voicemail modules are easily accessible and user friendly.

Call Concurrency

There are no artificial concurrency limitations. Proper hardware specification and configuration ensures that you have as many concurrent call paths as you need (or as provided by your SIP trunk service provider).

Busy Lamp Field (BLF) Provisioning

BLF lights indicating extension status on phones can now be provisioned automatically.

Endpoint Management

Manage phone templates and individual phone configurations. This allows for simple and automatic phone provisioning and supports a broad spectrum of manufacturers and models.

Call Detail Reporting

Drill down on call detail based on any combination of date range, caller id, destination, duration, and disposition. Reports can be displayed as a table, graph, and / or exported to CSV.

Call Recording

Call recording can be configured for extensions, groups, conferences, etc. for monitoring purposes.

Call Spy

Privileged users have the ability to listen to any active call without alerting the user that’s on the call. 


Feature Codes

There are dozens of feature codes that can be dialed from a phone to perform different operations on its extension or on the PBX. For example, numbers can be blacklisted, users can be logged on and off of queues, incoming calls can be simulated, and much more. Contact our telephony team for a full list of feature codes

Voicemail / Voicemail to Email

Voice messages can be left for an unavailable extension. Voicemail can also be a direct destination based on routing rules, time of day, queue wait time, etc. Whenever a new voicemail is available, an email notification can be sent to the user or group that owns the extension, optionally with the message attached as a WAV audio file. Users can check their voicemail from their phone using feature codes or a “messages” button or via the web-based voicemail system.

Web-Based Faxing

Utilize a web interface to attach .pdf files, and fax them using the phone system.

Directories / Dial by Name

A global phone book of all extensions is automatically created. This phone book can be customized, or custom phone books may be created.

Caller ID

Available contact information for incoming calls, such as name and phone number, will be shown on the phone display. Based on caller ID, calls can be blacklisted to avoid receiving future calls from selected numbers.

Call Transfer

Incoming calls can be directed to any internal extension, voicemail, or external phone numbers. Both blind transfer, which connects two calls immediately, and attended transfer, which connects you with the intended call recipient to confirm the transfer first, are possible. 

Music on Hold

This feature allows either music or a prerecorded message to be played during hold, or while callers are in the call queue.


Any user can record audio from their phone, and send it to any email address for later reference.

SIP Trunking


Inbound and Outbound Routing

Create advanced routing rules for both inbound and outbound calls. You can direct calls based on the source or destination number.

Time Conditions

Rules can be put in place to route calls differently depending on time and / or day of the week. This allows for robust call routing for “after hours” among other possibilities. Time conditions can be applied to internal calls, external calls, or both.

Call Forwarding

Inbound calls can be redirected to a different internal extension, IVR, or any phone number, such as a cell phone. 

Do Not Disturb

If a user will not be able to receive calls for a period of time, the Do Not Disturb feature can be activated to send inbound calls directly to voicemail. 

Follow Me

This feature allows inbound calls to be redirected to another extension or an external number, such as a cellphone, after a chosen period of seconds. If the external number or alternate extension rejects the call, the call will simply return to the initial extension’s voicemail.

Queues and Ring Groups

Queues and ring groups can be used to handle calls to a group of extensions. There are a myriad of configuration options to allow customization of group calls to just about any set of behaviors that can be conceptualized. Features such as IVR breakout, hold time tracking, ring strategy, and statistics make queues and ring groups suitable for any setup from a simple team ring group to a large scale call center queue.

Parking Lots

Allows for calls to be parked on virtual extensions, allowing them to be picked up by other phones or agents as they become available.


Also known as a “digital receptionist” or “auto attendant”, IVRs allow you to answer calls with pre-recorded messages and present simple or complex menu structures to the caller to ensure that they reach the appropriate person or   department (or ascertain the information they need such as office hours from pre-recorded messages).

PBX icons



You can create as many conference call numbers as you need. There is no limit on maximum conference call participants by default, but there is a configuration option available for it in case you would like to impose a limitation. Options can also be set for greeting messages, announcing, and recording.

Paging and Intercom

Call an extension and force immediate pickup (phone will automatically go to speaker phone) with two way audio, or broadcast a message to many extensions. Aastara, Grandstream, Linksys/Sipura, Mitel, Polycom, Snom, and many other phones are supported.


Remote Phones

Phones supporting OpenVPN can be configured for secure remote access.

Direct Inward Service Access (DISA)

Direct Inward Service Access (DISA) allows users to call into the PBX and use it to dial out so that it appears that their call is originating from the PBX. This is useful for masquerading cell phone or home phone numbers as a normal outbound call from within the organization. DISAs are password protected and can be implemented with their own direct dial via inbound routing or as a hidden IVR option.

Multiple Offices

Regardless of geographical distance between office locations, the PBX can be configured to work as one office location. Calls can be transferred between locations just by dialing the appropriate extension, and employees at separate locations can call one another free of charge. 


Call Center Application

Sierra offers a robust call center application, featuring intuitive call flow management. In any organization that utilizes hot desking, Sierra’s call center application is a must-have. The application enables simple to use call queues, while allowing employees to clock in and out of the queue to take breaks. Full access to analytics and reporting is available to management, allowing them to see which agents are in a team, who’s accepting phone calls, how long calls are taking, in-depth historical reporting per agent, and more.

Audio Codec Support

Support for the following audio codecs:

  • gsm
  • ulaw
  • alaw
  • lpc10
  • speex
  • g722
  • g729
  • g723
  • siren7
  • iren14
  • slin
  • g726
  • adpcm
  • ilbc
  • g726aal2

Virtualization Support

The PBX is implemented fully in software and can run on any virtualization solution just as easily as bare metal. We offer a cloud / hosted implementation that is fully virtual.

Softphone Support

Any standards compliant SIP or IAX2 software phone is compatible.

T38 Fax Support

Convert incoming faxes to email or pass to an ATA device for interpretation by a fax machine.

Backup and Recovery

Backups of any or all configurations and data to include settings, voicemail, CDR, and audio recordings can be backed up on a schedule or schedules. Backups can be stored locally or pushed to a remote location via Email, FTP, MySQL, or SSH.

More Information

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