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Sierra PBX Systems

Along with Sierra’s best-in-class VoIP solutions, our PBX systems offer one of the most extensive feature sets available.

Hosted PBX

Drastically reduce your hardware expenses with hosted PBX by Sierra. The only equipment that your company needs onsite are phones and network gear with this solution.

By utilizing Sierra’s hosted PBX solution, your company can avoid the need for the specialized knowledge and time required to set up and configure your PBX system.

On-Premise PBX

Maintain full control of your critical equipment with on-premise PBX. Sierra offers quality hardware through our network of trusted partners. We will meet with a representative of your company to discuss your needs, and we would be happy to help you compare options.

Once you’ve selected an on-premise solution to fit your needs, our skilled engineers will assist with setting up and configuring your hardware. We also offer management and monitoring to ensure the security and performance of your phone system.

Extensive Business Class Features

Whether you choose our on-premise solutions, or Sierra’s hosted PBX, your business can enjoy one of the most extensive feature sets available. Our PBX solutions include robust features include management tools, remote access, call routing tools, and more. For a full list of features, see Sierra PBX Features.

Call Center Application

Sierra offers a robust call center application, featuring intuitive call flow management. In any organization that utilizes hot desking, Sierra’s call center application is a must-have. The application enables simple to use call queues, while allowing employees to clock in and out of the queue to take breaks. Full access to analytics and reporting is available to management, allowing them to see which agents are in a team, who’s accepting phone calls, how long calls are taking, and more.

PBX Systems
PBX Features


  • Affordable business class PBX
  • PBX supports hardware and software phones
  • 24/7/365 expert support available
  • IVR voice menu
  • Company directory
  • Ring groups
  • Time Conditions
  • Call Center Application Available
  • Click here for a full list of features

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