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Technology to be Thankful for on Thanksgiving
November 22, 2016

Technology to be Thankful for on Thanksgiving

Traditionally, Thanksgiving is a day to relax, eat too much turkey, and spend time with family. Technology might be the furthest thing from your mind on Thanksgiving, but chances are that you’re relying on it anyway. Before you gather around the table to give thanks, let’s take a minute to appreciate the technology that helped make the holiday at least a little bit better.

Remote Work Capabilities

While a lot of folks have a day off of work on Thanksgiving, some roles still have to be alert and managing operations. Now, with technology like remote desktop, many of those workers get to do some or all of their tasks from their computer or phone anywhere.

Remote work is on the rise, and it’s one type of technology that’s actually bringing families together for the holidays. Did I mention that it also means less overhead for companies and increased productivity?

VoIP Services

How can you see your family on the holidays when everyone lives hundreds of miles apart? VoIP services are bringing families everywhere together with video calls. Popular services like Skype and FaceTime that utilize VoIP let you join your family wherever they are, without leaving your home. Just pull up a chair at your dining room table, and setup your laptop. It might not be as good as seeing your family in person, but it’s a lot better than not seeing them at all.

Network Monitoring and Automation

This one is very IT specific, but network monitoring and automated management let the IT department rest and relax on the holidays. If monitoring systems are in place with automated management, when any errors are detected by monitoring, scripts will automatically resolve the error. Take a day off, IT. You deserve it.


Black Friday is slowly consuming Thanksgiving. It’s earlier and earlier on Thanksgiving day every year. Thanks to eCommerce, you can stay at home and relax with your family, while still taking advantage of the big sales. Online shopping saves the day!

Of course, certain types of technology are a given. What would we do without a cellphone to take food photos or look up recipes? At Sierra Experts, we’re thankful for technology all year long, but we know the importance of family, too. If you’re considering setting up remote capabilities to let your team see their family on the holidays, contact us. We’re proud to help companies really relax on their days off.

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