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Tech the Halls for Christmas 2022 | Sierra Experts
December 15, 2022

Tech the Halls for Christmas 2022 | Sierra Experts

Now it is finally the season to put up some lights and deck your halls again! If you want to use your holiday decorations and do it the traditional way, no problem at all. But if you want to spice things up a bit with some techy decors and elevate the festival vibe, look no further, this is a blog just for you! Check out this list of high-tech gadgets that you can “tech your hall” with this Christmas!


Holographic Santa

Decorate your house with Santa is one of the most popular ways for the winter holiday. The old school way is to decorate using inflatable Santa. But do you know that there are now new ways to bring Santa to your house? This is the sort of high-tech effect you should be looking at this holiday season, which is Holographic Santa! Have Santa arrive in his sleigh on top of your roof or place presents under the tree through a window.

In order to do so, you will need to have a DVD player or a computer, a projector, and a digital projection of Santa. You can get the digital projection from companies like AtmosFX or Virtual Santa. After all set and done, you can then start displaying your clip at the space of your choice, an open wall area, a white sheet, or on your roof. Upgrade your inflatable Santa to a fully animated holographic Santa can surely impress your family, guests, or anyone just passing by.


Outdoor laser light projector

Are you tired of hanging up strands of lights in the cold Winter weather and spending way too much time on it? If that is you, then it is time to change things up a bit! Chuck out those messy Christmas string lights and replace them with a laser light projector.

It is definitely an easier way to decorate the outdoor of your home and takes little effort to set up. Simply stake these gadgets into your yard and project different patterns on the outside of the home. You can also choose from a variety of customizable colors and display options, such as snowflakes, colorful dots, nativity scenes, or holiday greetings in one laser projector.

Some models even feature a built-in smart timer so you do not have to worry about unplugging it during the day, but it will switch on and off automatically.


Geeky/Smart String Light

Maybe you think that the techy laser projector is too much work, but you are also bored with traditional string lights. Then maybe just geek it up a little bit with smart control and geeky styles!

Having a smart LED string light will make your life a lot easier and more colorful. With Wi-Fi and voice-control capability, you can control the lights effortlessly from your phone or smart home devices. Some smart lights even come with pre-programmed settings that make the lights pulse with the music, twinkle with alternating colors and patterns.

What is even better is that many of them have unique styles, for instance, if you’re bored with traditional styled string lights, you could try Star Wars Lightsaber lights, or Death Star? If you like gaming, super Mario or Zelda Triforce light could also be good options.


Snow Machine

If your city has yet been blessed with snow, worry not, because you can create your own White Christmas with a snow machine! Now, if you are looking to coat your front yard entirely, these snow machines probably are not for you, as you will not be able to get a foot of snow to cover your yard from these machines. What can do done though is that, with less than $100 on average, you will be able to create that romantic, made-for-TV snow effect, which is perfect for your holiday gathering! As long as you do not forget to stock up the snow fluid if you want your snow production to last for a longer period of time. 


Electric Fireplace

What can be better than a warm, cozy fire to gather in front of for your Christmas? But what if your home does not come with a wood-burning fireplace? Well, then it is time to invest in an electric fireplace!

These electric fireplaces can display realistic 3D flame that look like you are burning real logs. Some models even feature a speaker with a crackling effect, and you may add different essential oils that smell like burning wood or fireplace to complete the experience. A fireplace without heat really loses the essence, which is why many electric fireplaces can also function as heaters. You can adjust the flame intensity and temperature with remote or side panel control. Wat’s even better is that many of them have built-in safety mechanism that shut off the fireplace, so you never have to worry about overheating or fire hazard.


Digital Yule Log

If you do not want to get a fireplace into your house, we understand. After all, there are multiple underlying risks associated with burning fire in a house full of holiday decors. But if you still want to have a fireplace experience minus the risks, here is a solution for you! Back in the day, local TV would air fireplace footage accompanied by Christmas music at various times. These days, you do not have to wait for the fire variety hour, rather you could utilize streaming services such as Netflix or Roku, or even just on YouTube, and enjoy the atmosphere of a warm and cozy Christmas.


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