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Sierra Experts has been certified as a VBE by Ohio DAS/EOD
March 17, 2021

Sierra Experts has been certified as a VBE by Ohio DAS/EOD


Bruce Freshwater

Sierra Experts




Sierra Experts has been certified as a Veteran Friendly Business Enterprise by the Ohio Department of Administrative Services


Pittsburgh, PA: Sierra Experts today announced that they have been certified as a Veteran-Friendly Business Enterprise (VBE) and may now participate in the State of Ohio’s VBE program. The State of Ohio’s Veteran-Friendly Business Enterprise (VBE) Procurement program provides preference or bonus points to certified companies that compete to contract with the state to supply the goods or services it needs, including eligible construction services.

“As a Veteran Owned Business, we are excited to be able to certify our business as Veteran Friendly in Ohio” says Bruce Freshwater, CEO at Sierra Experts.

The VBE program applies to all state agencies’ purchases made by bid or proposal under chapter 125 of the Ohio Revised Code (R.C.).


About Sierra Experts: Sierra Experts is an IT managed service and support provider headquartered in Pittsburgh, PA. Sierra specializes in remote monitoring and management of computing systems, cloud/virtual systems hosting, VoIP/SIP PBX trunks and solutions, physical server hosting, digital marketing, graphic and web design, custom software development, and hardware and software reselling.

Sierra Experts is a veteran owned company, and proud to be local, meaning we do not outsource our MSP services. Everything we do is handled internally, enabling effective communication and personalized IT service and support.


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