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December 14, 2012

Sierra w/o Wires President Presenting at the Manufacturing and Technology Expo

Sierra President, Mike Broeker, is presenting at the TECHLink Manufacturing and Technology Expo. The event will be held December 17-18, 2012 at the Harrisburg Area Community College Midtown 2 Campus, Harrisburg, PA.

The topic of the presentation is “Understanding, Building and Supporting a Hybrid Cloud Environment”, which will discuss how most organizations have already transitioned some of their services to Cloud based delivery. It is more important than ever for IT directors, administrators and support personnel to first understand the differences in local vs. cloud based delivery, Cap Ex vs. Op Ex, security, licensing, bandwidth, and BYOD. With this understanding, they can then provide the recommendations on which solutions make the most sense to deliver via the cloud or locally. Then most importantly, they can more effectively and securely support the more complicated environment that will inevitably evolve. We will dis-cuss different cloud delivery alternative (PaaS, SaaS), services that are now more broadly accepted in moving to the cloud (e-mail, web filtering), as well as some of the implementation and support issues (federation, remote desktop, VPNs) that need to be considered in this rapidly changing multi-site, unified communication world, including some real world good and bad examples.

The Manufacturing and Technology Expo, hosted by TECHLink, invites Secondary and Post-Secondary teachers from across the state to participate in this unique opportunity to learn what cutting edge initiatives are occurring in the industries that their students will be entering. Statewide industry representatives are invited to showcase their company in the vendor hall, speak with teachers and answer questions about their industries.

The two day event will offer break-out sessions in Manufacturing and Technology strands. Different Keynote speakers will address the attendees each day to offer their distinct perspective about how the manufacturing and technology trades are affecting the workforce needs and demands.

For more information about the event, visit: TECHLink Technology & Manufacturing Expo

Sierra w/o Wires, Inc. delivers technology solutions to a number of educational institutions. These services range from communications circuits, to hosting, to management of servers and networking devices.